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Posts by Lauren Collison

  July 10th, 2020

What Is A 3/2 Wetsuit?

What Is A 3/2 Wetsuit? Picture this - it's a beautiful summer day where the sun is out, there's not a cloud in sight, and the air feels warm against your skin. You decide to jump into the water...
what is a 4/3 wetsuit
  July 10th, 2020

What Is a 4/3 Wetsuit?

What Is a 4/3 Wetsuit? Maybe you've scrolled the website and came across our 4/3mm section of fullsuits and you wondered, 'What is a 4/3 wetsuit?'. Pronounced as "four-three", 4/3mm wetsuits...
can you surf in winter
  May 6th, 2020

Can You Surf In Winter?

Can You Surf In Winter? Ah, the age-old, er, season-old question of 'Can you surf in winter?'. You know, for some, surfing in winter may seem completely insane. While to others it may seem...
sustainable tips for the ocean
  September 3rd, 2019

Sustainable Tips for the Ocean

Sustainable Tips for the Ocean: How to Experience without Exploiting We all love the water, but humans and the ocean don’t always maintain an equally beneficial relationship. We tend to take...
how long do wetsuits lasat
  March 21st, 2019

How Long Do Wetsuits Last?

How Long Should a Wetsuit Last? Maybe you just bought a wetsuit or are debating on buying one and want to know, how long do wetsuits last? Just like the tide, wetsuits come and go. They can...
best places to kayak
  March 19th, 2019

Best Places To Kayak in the U.S.

The Top Five Best Places to Kayak in the U.S. From gliding through peaceful waters at your own pace to recklessly luging through white-water rapids, kayaking is one of the most versatile...
peeing in your wetsuit
  February 28th, 2019

Why Peeing in Your Wetsuit Is Ok

Let's be honest here, everyone at some point in their lives has peed in a pool and/or peed in the ocean. Gross, but true. Nature calls sometimes and does not discriminate no matter where you are...
hypoallergenic wetsuits
  February 4th, 2019

Hypoallergenic Wetsuits & Neoprene Sensitivities

Patagonia's Hypoallergenic Wetsuits Could Ease Neoprene Allergies Hypoallergenic wetsuits are starting to make a splash (pun very much...
how to dry wetsuit boots
  February 4th, 2019

How to Dry Wetsuit Boots

How to Dry Wetsuit Boots Wetsuit boots can accumulate smell, dirt, and basically all things unpleasant. Just like a wetsuit, wetsuit boots need washed and dried. The washing part is simple, but...
how to put on wetsuit boots
  February 4th, 2019

How to Put on Wetsuit Boots

How to Put on Wetsuit Boots You just finished putting on your wetsuit (which is a task itself) and now it's time to put on your wetsuit boots. But what if you don't know how to put on wetsuit...
how does a wetsuit work
  January 24th, 2019

How Does a Wetsuit Work?

How Does a Wetsuit Work? This is probably one of our most commonly asked questions so we decided, hey, why not write a post about how a wetsuit works? And yes, your wetsuit does get wet, hence...
how to put stickers on a surfboard
  October 11th, 2018

How to Put Stickers on a Surfboard

How to Put Stickers on a Surfboard You know how there are some things in life that you can do and then re-do if you mess up? Yea, that's nice and all but that doesn't happen when it comes to...