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Posts by Lauren Collison

how to size water skis
  June 29th, 2023

How To Size Water Skis

How Do You Size Water Skis? So you're ready to hit the water with a set of water skis and your passion for adventure, but you're not sure what size water skis to use. Now that's quite the...
types of scuba diving
  June 27th, 2023

What Are The Different Types Of SCUBA Diving?

Different Types of SCUBA Diving SCUBA diving can be an exhilarating underwater adventure. It allows you to explore the mesmerizing beauty of...
what is wreck diving
  June 4th, 2023

What Is Wreck Diving?

Exploring the Depths: A Guide to Wreck Diving and Appropriate Attire Underneath the mesmerizing blue expanse of our planet's oceans lie hidden stories of history and adventure. One of the...
can you wear a wetsuit when pregnant
  May 23rd, 2023

Can You Wear A Wetsuit When Pregnant?

Can You Wear a Wetsuit When Pregnant? Let's Dive In! Pregnancy is a transformative time in a woman's life, filled with both joy and a few necessary adjustments to ensure the well-being of...
  April 10th, 2023

When To Know It’s Time To Replace Your Wetsuit

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Wetsuit Sometimes wetsuits can be like your favorite pair of shoes. Loved, worn, and worn some...
How To Treat Motion Sickness While SCUBA Diving
  February 5th, 2023

How To Treat Motion Sickness While SCUBA Diving

How To Treat Motion Sickness While SCUBA Diving Chances are if you’ve landed on this page, you deal with motion sickness. We all know the...
what to wear stand up paddle boarding
  January 16th, 2023

What To Wear Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

What to Wear When Stand Up Paddle Boarding Now that we know what SUP is, it’s time to find out what to wear when stand up paddle...
is paddle boarding dangerous
  December 28th, 2022

Is Paddle Boarding Dangerous?

Is Paddle Boarding Dangerous? Picture this. You’re on a serene body of water and the only thing preventing you from falling in said water is a board. It’s like you’re standing on water...
what is wakeboarding
  November 29th, 2022

What is Wakeboarding?

What is Wakeboarding? What is wakeboarding, you ask? In short, wakeboarding is a watersport that involves a wakeboard, a boat, and a need for speed (and fun). It’s kind of like if...
what is a scuba tank
  October 25th, 2022

What Is A SCUBA Tank?

What Is A SCUBA Tank? What is a SCUBA tank you ask? A SCUBA tank is a cylindrical container holding the invisible mixture of gasses we humans need to breathe. Yep, a SCUBA tank holds air!...
Are Fins Needed For Snorkeling?
  September 15th, 2022

Are Fins Needed For Snorkeling?

Are you prepping for a snorkeling trip and want the answer to 'Are fins needed for snorkeling?' - well you've come to the right place! Find out more by reading on. 3 Reasons You Should...
do you need a wetsuit to jet ski
  September 11th, 2022

Do You Need A Wetsuit To Jet Ski?

Do You Need A Wetsuit To Jet Ski? Riding a jet ski is an awesome experience. It’s like riding a motorcycle but on the water and not land. Some go average speeds, and some go super fast....