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At Wetsuit Wearhouse, we’re passionate about surfing and we know you are too. That’s why we have collected all of the latest surfing news and blog posts from our blog into one easy to navigate library. Our surfing articles will provide you with everything you need to know about the sport and then some. Here, you’ll find our seasonal wetsuit buying guides, surfing location guides, wetsuit reviews, money-saving coupons and more. Catch up on the latest surfing news now! We’re constantly uploading new posts to our blog and anytime an article focuses on surfing news, you’ll find it here, so be sure to check back here often for all of our latest articles and coupons on surfing gear and training.

how to repair a surfboard crack
  February 2nd, 2024

How To Repair A Surfboard Crack

Just because your beloved surfboard has a ding or a crack doesn’t mean your board has reached the end of its life. Learning how to repair a surfboard is easier than you probably think and...
  November 22nd, 2023

How to Dress like a Surfer

All the Details on How to Dress like a Surfer The surfer has been a style icon for decades. Beachy waves, golden tans, lingo, shorts and sandals. For those of us who love the vibe, but...
surfboard tail pad
  October 5th, 2023

What Is A Surfboard Tail Pad & Where Should It Be Placed?

Surfing offers incredible thrills, especially when you have a surfboard that is perfectly set up to your liking. At the surface level,...
  September 29th, 2023

Best Florida Surf Spots – Where To Surf In Florida

Pic courtesy of Road Trip USA. The Top 5 Best Surf Spots in Florida I've been outfitting surfers since 2002 -- and I've been surfing...
how to store a surfboard
  September 27th, 2023

How To Store A Surfboard

How to Store a Surfboard: Protect Your Ride and Your Investment Surfing is more than just a sport; it's a healthy way of life for many enthusiasts. If you're one of the lucky ones to own a...
best time of day to surf
  September 12th, 2023

What’s The Best Time of Day to Surf?

As tempting as the afternoon warmth of the ocean feels and seems, that’s typically not the best time of day to surf. We don’t mean to rain...
  August 15th, 2023

Boogie Board vs Bodyboard

Boogie board vs bodyboard... what’s the difference? I get this question a lot because I am both an avid bodyboarder and boogie boarder. How can that be? It’s because they are pretty much...
how to ride a fish surfboard
  August 15th, 2023

How to Ride a Fish Surfboard

You've Seen Them If you spend a lot of time on the beach, then you probably see them all the time... Those surfboards that have the shape of a fish with that funky split tail. What’s the point...
  August 3rd, 2023

Do Wetsuits Stretch?

So, Do Wetsuits Stretch? Find Out! Want to know if wetsuits stretch? It's a common question people have when they buy a wetsuit for the first time. The answer depends on why you're...
how to balance on a surfboard
  February 16th, 2023

How To Balance On A Surfboard

How to Balance On a Surfboard Surfing is all about balance. Learning how to balance on a surfboard while standing up, sitting, or lying on the board is not easy and takes some serious skill....
how to put a leash on a surfboard
  December 11th, 2022

How To Put A Leash On A Surfboard

How To Put A Leash On A Surfboard It seems so simple, yet when you’re learning how to put a leash on a surfboard, there are so many ways to get it wrong. Putting on your surfboard leash...
what does dawn patrol mean in surfing
  August 1st, 2022

What Does Dawn Patrol Mean In Surfing?

What Does Dawn Patrol Mean In Surfing? Streaks of orange and red in the sky. The sun taking its moment to peek over the horizon and begin its day. The calming collapse of waves on the shore....