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Posts by Wes Severson

surfboard tail pad
  October 5th, 2023

What Is A Surfboard Tail Pad & Where Should It Be Placed?

Surfing offers incredible thrills, especially when you have a surfboard that is perfectly set up to your liking. At the surface level,...
what are dive weights
  August 21st, 2023

What Are Dive Weights & How Much Do I Need?

In the world of underwater exploration, whether you're a passionate SCUBA diver or an adventurous free-diver, achieving perfect buoyancy is...
  August 15th, 2023

Boogie Board vs Bodyboard

Boogie board vs bodyboard... what’s the difference? I get this question a lot because I am both an avid bodyboarder and boogie boarder. How can that be? It’s because they are pretty much...
how to ride a fish surfboard
  August 15th, 2023

How to Ride a Fish Surfboard

You've Seen Them If you spend a lot of time on the beach, then you probably see them all the time... Those surfboards that have the shape of a fish with that funky split tail. What’s the point...
how long should water ski rope be
  July 7th, 2023

How Long Should A Water Ski Rope Be?

When it comes to water skiing, having the right equipment is crucial for an enjoyable and safe experience, especially when you know how to water ski. One essential piece of gear is the water...
how to water ski
  July 7th, 2023

How To Water Ski

How Do You Water Ski? Water skiing is an exhilarating watersport that includes the thrill of speed with an extreme amount of balance and coordination. Whether you're a beginner or looking to...
  April 10th, 2023

How To Fix A Wetsuit Zipper

How To Fix A Wetsuit Zipper It’s one of the most frustrating situations ever. You pull up to the surf spot and start gearing up for what should be a fun day of catching waves. Then when...
  April 10th, 2023

What Are Eco Friendly Wetsuits Made Of?

What Are Eco-Friendly Wetsuits Made Of? The neoprene traditionally used in wetsuits is a petroleum-based product, making them environmentally unfriendly. Since surfing, SCUBA diving, and...
how to balance on a surfboard
  February 16th, 2023

How To Balance On A Surfboard

How to Balance On a Surfboard Surfing is all about balance. Learning how to balance on a surfboard while standing up, sitting, or lying on the board is not easy and takes some serious skill....
how to put a leash on a surfboard
  December 11th, 2022

How To Put A Leash On A Surfboard

How To Put A Leash On A Surfboard It seems so simple, yet when you’re learning how to put a leash on a surfboard, there are so many ways to get it wrong. Putting on your surfboard leash...
how wetsuits are made
  October 10th, 2022

How Wetsuits Are Made

How Wetsuits Are Made Wetsuits are essential to many sports and recreational activities centered around water, but how are wetsuits made? What goes into creating them? There are many steps...
do you need a wetsuit to snorkel
  September 15th, 2022

Do You Need A Wetsuit To Snorkel?

Do You Need A Wetsuit To Snorkel? The short answer is… it all depends. There are a number of things to consider about your next snorkeling trip that will help you answer the question: Do...