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In this collection of kayak articles you will find everything you need to learn and master the sport as well as keep up to date with all of the latest kayak gear, training, and news. Wetsuit Wearhouse is your complete resource for all things kayak. We’re not only the trusted source for kayaking gear online, we also regularly publish kayak articles and news stories on our blog so all of your must-have information is easy to find and right at your fingertips. We’re constantly adding fresh kayak articles to our blog, so be sure to check back here often for all of the latest news, tips, and more.

  August 3rd, 2023

Do Wetsuits Stretch?

So, Do Wetsuits Stretch? Find Out! Want to know if wetsuits stretch? It's a common question people have when they buy a wetsuit for the first time. The answer depends on why you're...
what to wear kayaking
  November 9th, 2020

What To Wear Kayaking

What To Wear Kayaking Let’s address the most obvious point: kayaking is a water sport. As such, let’s all dress like we expect to get wet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen...
best places to kayak
  March 19th, 2019

Best Places To Kayak in the U.S.

The Top Five Best Places to Kayak in the U.S. From gliding through peaceful waters at your own pace to recklessly luging through white-water rapids, kayaking is one of the most versatile...
dry bag
  August 30th, 2017

What is a Dry Bag?

If you love water sports, then you will agree that the dry bag may be mankind's single greatest invention.   The biggest problem we water sport enthusiasts have is keeping our stuff...
what's the difference between a wetsuit and drysuit
  July 14th, 2017

What’s the Difference Between a Wetsuit and Drysuit?

We get asked what's the difference between a wetsuit and drysuit a lot so we put this helpful post together to help break it down. Wetsuits are...
cold weather kayaking
  July 14th, 2017

Cold Weather Kayaking: What to Wear

Brrrrr! What to Wear for Cold Weather Kayaking Crashing against rocks, failing to wet exit, even bears and sharks might be the first hazards others might think of when considering the dangers...
cold water kayaking
  June 22nd, 2017

Cold Water Kayaking & Rafting: What You Need

Cold Water Kayaking and Rafting in Mountain Snowmelt Rivers The rivers in the Mountain States - CO, UT, WY, MT, WA, etc. - are never just...
dry boots
  November 3rd, 2016

Dry Boots for Paddling

Dry Boots for Paddling With the summer season long gone and the temperatures continuously dropping, it's important to keep yourself warm in the water by gearing up! More than simply keeping...
winter kayaking
  October 24th, 2016

Winter Kayaking and Paddling Gear

It’s cold, storm clouds threaten on the horizon, and the wind has a chilling bite. Oh well, guess it’s not a day for winter kayaking - time to go back to bed and not feel bad about...
SUP and kayaking
  August 22nd, 2016

How to Buy a Wetsuit for SUP and Kayaking

How to Buy a Wetsuit for SUP and Kayaking SUP and kayaking are fun and popular water sports; so can't say that we blame you for enjoying and...
Paddling in Winter
  March 23rd, 2016

Winter Kayak Wetsuit for Paddling

Prepare Winter paddling is a foreboding challenge that has traditionally been reserved for only the most hardcore of paddlers. The freezing temperatures and equally chilly water prevents...
How to put on a wetsuit
  January 28th, 2016

How To Put On A Wetsuit

How To Put On A Wetsuit You might be wondering how to put on a wetsuit. (Otherwise, you probably wouldn't be reading this blog post, am I right?) Well, we're here to help you figure it out! A...