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Dry Boots for Paddling

   November 3rd, 2016   Posted In: Articles   Tags: ,

Dry Boots for Paddling

With the summer season long gone and the temperatures continuously dropping, it’s important to keep yourself warm in the water by gearing up! More than simply keeping your feet warm, what if you could also keep them completely dry while launching your boat and while you’re paddling? You’re in luck! Traditional wetsuit boots are a great added layer of protection, but they still don’t come close to guaranteeing completely dry feet. Starting at 5mm neoprene thickness, either the NRS Boundary Dry Boots or the NeoSport Explorer Waterproof Boots are guaranteed to get you started on the right (and dry) foot!


NRS Boundary Dry Boots are as durable as they come! Knee-high in length, these boots feature 5mm thickness at the top, while the insoles are equipped with 7mm in thickness for the ultimate warmth and comfort! Top of the line in foot-protection, they also offer a plastic shim of 2mm thickness for further protection against rocks and other sharp objects which, let’s face it, you’re bound to encounter. Lastly, this product is strapped with a buckle to ensure the most snug fit while your feet stay grounded!


NeoSport EXPLORER Waterproof Boots are your less expensive option for the same level of practicality! Provided with titanium lining for extra insulation, this boot still grants you plenty of room so that you can layer up with the wetsuit socks of your choice! As far as comfort and security go, these boots offer not one, but TWO straps in two places that essentially give your feet the warmest hug, keeping you sturdy and warm all the while.

dry boots

NeoSport EXPLORER Waterproof Boots

Amp Up the Warmth

Don’t forget that you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to socks to increase the insulation in your feet. Merino Wool or PolyFleece are two materials that are found in most wetsuit socks and baselayer products, intended to be worn as your first layer, keeping you dry even longer! Take the NRS SealSkinz Socks for example. Used for watersports or just extreme weather conditions, it’s hydrophilic membrane ensures stretch and water and wind resistance, while it’s Merino Wool lining offers comfort, support and mosty ideally, moisture control.

Don’t let soggy boots put a damper on your next water adventure! We have options, which means you do too! Check out all of our boots and socks to keep you dry and warm!

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