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April, 2024

how to fold a wetsuit
  April 19th, 2024

How To Fold a Wetsuit

If you’re a surfer, diver, or any type of water enthusiast you know your wetsuit is your trusty companion. It keeps you warm in chilly waters and allows you to extend the fun you have in the...
  April 16th, 2024

How to Break in a Wetsuit

How to Break in a Wetsuit People wear wetsuits in the water for a variety of activities because there are several benefits of wearing a wetsuit including improving warmth, buoyancy, and...
scuba tank explosion
  April 7th, 2024

Can SCUBA Tanks Explode?

Can SCUBA tanks explode? This is a very interesting question and good to ask before you purchase or handle a SCUBA tank. Proper care, handling, and storage of SCUBA tanks are needed to help...
how to stop wetsuit smelling
  April 7th, 2024

How To Get Rid Of Wetsuit Smell

Wetsuits remain an indispensable gear for water enthusiasts, including seasoned surfers, passionate divers, and dedicated swimmers. A wetsuit keeps you warm in water, protects your skin, and...
wetsuit lube
  April 3rd, 2024

What is Wetsuit Lubrication?

Picture yourself gliding effortlessly through the waves, feeling as sleek as a dolphin and as smooth as butter. That vision you just experienced is the reality for wetsuit lube when its at...