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April, 2023

what scuba diving activities should i try
  April 27th, 2023

What SCUBA Diving Activities Should I Try?

What SCUBA Diving Activities Should I Try? SCUBA diving is full of exciting opportunities. Your first certification course teaches you all...
what are the best scuba diving destinations
  April 17th, 2023

What Are The Best SCUBA Diving Destinations?

Top SCUBA Diving Locations & Destinations The excitement begins once you become SCUBA certified. The search is on to find the best...
what is reef diving
  April 17th, 2023

What Is Reef Diving?

What Is Reef SCUBA Diving? One of the most captivating sights in the ocean is a dive among vibrant reefs teaming with marine life. You can't wait to finally go underwater. Tropical coral...
where can i rent a wetsuit
  April 12th, 2023

Where Can I Rent A Wetsuit?

Where to Rent a Wetsuit Surfers, SCUBA divers, and kiteboarders are all water sports enthusiasts who rely on specialized equipment to enjoy their activities safely and comfortably. One...
  April 10th, 2023

When To Know It’s Time To Replace Your Wetsuit

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Wetsuit Sometimes wetsuits can be like your favorite pair of shoes. Loved, worn, and worn some...
  April 10th, 2023

How To Fix A Wetsuit Zipper

How To Fix A Wetsuit Zipper It’s one of the most frustrating situations ever. You pull up to the surf spot and start gearing up for what should be a fun day of catching waves. Then when...
  April 10th, 2023

What Are Eco Friendly Wetsuits Made Of?

What Are Eco-Friendly Wetsuits Made Of? The neoprene traditionally used in wetsuits is a petroleum-based product, making them environmentally unfriendly. Since surfing, SCUBA diving, and...