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What’s The Best Time of Day to Surf?

   August 3rd, 2022   Posted In: Articles   Tags:

What’s The Best Time of Day to Surf?

As tempting as the afternoon warmth of the ocean feels and seems, that’s typically not the best time of day to surf. We don’t mean to rain on your parade with this, but hey, if you’re looking for the best time of day for surfing, late mornings and afternoons are not the ideal times to get out there and ride the waves. 

Now you’re probably asking yourself, ‘Well, what is the best time of day to surf then?’. We’re glad you asked. Continue to find out. 

Best Time to Chase Waves

best time of day to surf

Since we’ve already knocked out late morning and afternoon as the most non-ideal times to surf, you can gather where we’re going with this. That’s right. The best time of day for surfing belongs to none other than sunrise and right before sunset. At that point, it’s a personal choice whether you want to be an early riser or risk surfing at dusk. 

The Most Popular Time

To beat the beachgoers, all while seeing a beautiful morning, we highly recommend surfing during dawn patrol a.k.a. sunrise. While there will be other surfers out there, it still won’t be as chaotic compared to later in the morning/afternoon. It’s not easy setting that early alarm, but it’s worth it. And of course, the water won’t be as warm as you’d like, but that’s what a wetsuit is for!

Along with beating crowds, another reason why surfers prefer to ride the waves in the early morning or evening is because of the wind conditions. The offshore winds are lighter during those two periods of time. This creates smoother breaks as well as the best types of waves for riding. Afternoon winds typically bring choppier and harsher waves to surf. 

The Mental & Physical Aspects

Starting your day out getting an incredible surf session in with a striking sunrise or even ending your day on a peaceful note with a sunset surf is an awesome experience. Not only is the exercise great for your physical health, sunrise and sunset surfing contribute to a boost in mental health and the feel good chemicals. 

Final Thoughts

We’re not knocking at afternoon surfing. If you like to surf at that time or if it’s more doable for you, by all means, continue to do so. And if you are adamant about checking local surf and weather, then chances are you may have ideal conditions for an afternoon surf. Again, personal choice on the best time of day to surf. 

Let us know in the comments if you’re a morning surfer, afternoon wave chaser, or an evening experiencer!

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