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Are Fins Needed For Snorkeling?

   September 15th, 2022   Posted In: Articles  

Are you prepping for a snorkeling trip and want the answer to ‘Are fins needed for snorkeling?’ – well you’ve come to the right place! Find out more by reading on.

3 Reasons You Should Really Wear Fins for Snorkeling

It’s no secret that snorkeling is one of the best watersports activities available. From admiring beautiful sea animals to cooling off on a particularly hot day, there’s no shortage of reasons why snorkeling should be added to your next vacation’s itinerary.

However, like many other watersports, snorkeling requires gear to protect your body and ensure a positive experience. Whether you’re just starting out in the open water or are an expert explorer, you may be wondering: are fins needed for snorkeling?

Let’s dive right in and learn three reasons why fins are needed for snorkeling.

#1: Snorkel With Fins To Keep Your Feet Safe

Coral cuts–one of the most common snorkeler injuries–are not only not cool, but they can be difficult to notice until you’re out of the water. Considering we spend a great deal of time on our feet, this is one of the worst places to suffer a scrape! Protect your feet from potential cuts and interaction with wildlife by slipping some fins on before venturing into the open water.

#2: Fins Support Your Body While Snorkeling

Wearing fins helps support your body by reducing the amount of exertion you will output (when swimming with fins, you can minimize using your arms) while also promoting correct swimming technique. That’s a fin win-win!

#3: Fins Fight Rough Currents

Ocean conditions can be pretty unpredictable. Luckily, wearing fins when snorkeling can help combat tricky currents.

How? Wearing fins helps you glide through the water far more quickly and efficiently than swimming without them. There’s no doubt that fins come in handy to help you navigate a surprise rip current or rough waves from on incoming storm.

Can You Use SCUBA Fins for Snorkeling

The short answer to this question is, no. We do not recommend using SCUBA fins for snorkeling.

Why? Snorkeling fins are designed to be more laid back compared to SCUBA fins. You don’t need the length and power that’s behind SCUBA fins for a simple snorkel adventure. SCUBA fins are more dense and stiffer than snorkeling fins. You don’t want to spend your entire snorkeling time dealing with stiff fins, do you? That’s what we thought! So, straight to the point – stick with snorkel fins for snorkeling and SCUBA fins for SCUBA diving.

Now that you know fins are a thumbs-up for snorkeling, learn if you need a wetsuit to snorkel. And if you ever have any snorkeling questions, reach out to us – we’re here to help!

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