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What is Wakeboarding?

   November 29th, 2022   Posted In: Articles   Tags:

What is Wakeboarding?

What is wakeboarding, you ask? In short, wakeboarding is a watersport that involves a wakeboard, a boat, and a need for speed (and fun). It’s kind of like if snowboarding met surfing met water skiing all-in-one. So whether you’re looking to up your wakeboard game or dabble in this watersport, here are the essentials to know for wakeboarding!

Wakeboarding Equipment

The first step in understanding the answer to ‘What is wakeboarding?’ is to understand the wakeboard gear. First things first, you need a motorboat (preferably a wakeboard boat). That motorized machine is the thing that will 1) tow you, and 2) create waves and wakes. You can also go to wakeboarding parks where they have cable systems that can pull you without a boat.

So if you’ve got the boat, it’s time to get the board. A wakeboard is a board that has foot bindings, and looks pretty similar to a snowboard but is designed to ride water, not snow. Easy enough, right? You can find a wakeboard online or at a local shop. It’s up to you!

Now you need to make sure you also include safety gear for wakeboarding as well. This includes: a life vest, a helmet that has holes to ventilate water, and if the waters are on the colder or chilly side, a wakeboarding wetsuit

what is wakeboarding

Ride the Wakes

Popular spots to wakeboard include open water areas like lakes and rivers. Now that you’ve got your boat or motorized vehicle, wakeboard, rope to be towed with, a life vest, helmet, and wetsuit, you’re ready to ride the wakes. 

Some riders prefer to ride with a rope or sans a rope. It’s all about personal preference and skill level. Speaking of skill, there’s no right or wrong style when it comes to wakeboarding. You can jump waves. You can simply hold on to the rope and wake conservatively. Or you can do some crazy tricks in the air like front roll rotations. 

Some Tips

Take it from me, the first time wakeboarding is not as easy as the movies make it look. When you’re about ready to wake, ensure your feet are safely fastened in the board foot bindings and start out with your board horizontal. As the boat pulls you up, your body should find its natural side stance for riding. Be prepared to use full body strength as this activity incorporates your core, legs, and even arms. It’s definitely a workout! 

So, what is wakeboarding? To sum it up, it’s a crazy good time on the water. All you need is a boat, a wakeboard, some safety gear, and to be prepared for tons of fun. 

Check out this blog if you need help finding the right gear! how-to-find-a-good-wakeboarding-wetsuit

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