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Do You Need A Wetsuit To Jet Ski?

   September 11th, 2022   Posted In: Articles  

Do You Need A Wetsuit To Jet Ski?

Riding a jet ski is an awesome experience. It’s like riding a motorcycle but on the water and not land. Some go average speeds, and some go super fast. Zipping on top of water, whether it be on the sea or river, is a thrill that’s indescribable. You get what we’re saying at this point – jet skiing (safely) is a blast.

But what do you wear when jet skiing? And do you need a wetsuit to jet ski? Find out more!

What To Wear When Jet Skiing

Whether you’re renting a jet ski during your tropical vacation or taking your personal jet ski on the local lake, dressing for the occasion is a must. However, wearing a life jacket is impertinent during your jet skiing journey. So don’t forget to put that on!

As far as what to wear, that can also depend on the water and air temps. Riding a jet ski in the Bahamas in 88 degrees? A bathing suit or swimming trunks will do the job. But if you want to avoid the possibility of a bad burn (because the water really reflects the suns rays), wear a rashguard as a baselayer to prevent sunburn.

Moral of the story, if the weather and water are warm, chances are you can get away with something that you’re OK with getting wet (because you will get splashed) like a bathing suit or trunks. However, if you’re braving the waters during a chillier time, we’d suggest you wear a wetsuit.

Wearing a Wetsuit

As seasons change, you’ll notice a difference in air and water temperatures. So, do you need a wetsuit to jet ski? Frankly, this is personal preference, but we’re firm believers that a wetsuit is necessary for jet skiing when the water temps are cooler. 

Why? Think of the water that’s spraying back at you during your jet skiing adventure. During cooler seasons, spray from jet skiing could feel like an ice bath. Here’s the beauty of wetsuits – they’re designed to get wet, and once they do get wet, they work to keep you warm. 

If the water temps are in the 70 degree Fahrenheit range, go for a long sleeve springsuit or a shorty springsuit. They’ll still provide coverage without you overheating. But if the temps dip below 70 degrees, check out a full wetsuit for full coverage and warmth.

Riding Into The Sunset

Ultimately you can decide what you want to wear during your jet skiing experience. Do you need a wetsuit to jet ski? That’s up to you and your tolerance for cool to cold waters. Regardless, remember that a life jacket is your best friend, and being mindful of your surroundings will set you up for success as you ride off into the sunset on your zippy jet ski.

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