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Does a Wetsuit Protect Against Jellyfish Stings

   March 2nd, 2022   Posted In: Articles  

Does a Wetsuit Protect Against Jellyfish Stings

Whether you’re a beachgoer enjoying the sun and the water, or a surfer waiting to catch the next wave, there are certain elements you can’t always predict or avoid. We’re talking sharks, rain, rip tides, rash, and even jellyfish. So, does a wetsuit protect against jellyfish stings? Find out!

How Can a Wetsuit Protect You

Jellyfish can pop up out of nowhere in the ocean. As you may have experienced or have heard, a jellyfish sting on bare skin is certainly one of the more unpleasant feelings in life. Luckily for you and your skin, a wetsuit can be a great protective layer from painful stings. And while you pee in your wetsuit, at least no one has to pee on your jellyfish sting thanks to the wetsuit.

How Does a Wetsuit Protect Against Jellyfish Stings?

Surfers, swimmers, divers, and others tend to wear wetsuits to add warmth and protection while in the water. Not only do the neoprene material wetsuits are made out of trap water to keep you warm, it also acts as a great deterrent to jellyfish. The wetsuit is a barrier and ensures that your bare skin does not fall victim to a jellyfish sting. 

However, keep in mind that not all wetsuits are full length and that you can still be susceptible to stings in uncovered areas of the body. A full wetsuit is great to protect your entire body, but a jellyfish can still sting your exposed hands, feet, and head. You can wear gloves, boots, and a hood to add even more protection in that case.

To Sum It Up

Yes, a wetsuit protects against jellyfish stings. A wetsuit can also protect against rash, sunburn, and potentially prevent hypothermia. Rashguards can even help prevent jellyfish stings. They act similar to wetsuits but remember, if it’s exposed, it’s prone to be stung. A short sleeve rashguard can protect your core and upper body, but won’t protect your entire arm and hands from a sting!

Don’t fall victim to a sting or other issues in the water – wear a wetsuit or rashguard! Contact us today for help choosing your next wetsuit.

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