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Is Surfing In The Rain Dangerous?

   February 22nd, 2022   Posted In: Articles   Tags:

Is Surfing In The Rain Dangerous?

Many people would have asked “is it bad to surf in the rain?” at some point. Well, the reason is quite logical. Why shouldn’t you surf in the rain? After all, you’re going to get wet either way.

Surfing in the rain isn’t dangerous, but according to experts, there are potential dangers in surfing after heavy rain. Although it’s hard to stay away from the sea when the waves seem perfect, if a heavy downpour has just occurred, it’s better to stay where you are.

Is It Bad to Surf in the Rain?

For decades, there has always been a standard confusion dilemma that lingered around the surfing communities on whether a surf session should be postponed because of rain or not. There have also been considerations on the risks of contracting diseases after coming in contact with the rain. In recent years, experts have kicked against the idea, especially because the most popular surf turfs are situated in urban regions. Studies have revealed that surfing after rainfall can pose health risks to the surfer; this is a common health risk, and it’s not entirely related to the raindrops themselves.

Is surfing in the rain dangerous? No, you can surf in the rain as long as there are no potential storms or lightning. Regardless it’s important to be wary of acid rain, as the major problem comes from terra firma. Health professionals have advised beachgoers and surfers against getting into the sea after it rains.

Here’s why:

Contaminated Waters as a Result of Urban Runoff

During rainfall, urban drainage increases and transports garbage, untreated human and animal wastes, fertilizer, oil, pesticides, and other water pollutants into water channels such as rivers, lakes, and streams. These pollutants eventually find their way into the ocean and contaminate the surf breach on the seashores and beaches. Since rainfall typically generates more surface water, the water becomes more contaminated in a short while. 

In addition, leaking sewage from waterlogged septic tanks contributes to sea pollution, which makes the sea unsuitable for surfing at that point in time. This problem is more frequent in residential areas close to the waterside. As a result, health experts recommend that swimming in the ocean or surfing should be avoided for at least 72hrs after a rainfall to prevent the risk of contracting waterborne diseases. Additionally, seawater may harbor pathogenic activities after a heavy downpour.

There’s Increased Rate of Gastrointestinal Problem

A study from the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project and Public Health of the University of California in 2016 revealed a direct relationship between rainfall and health complications. The study further showed that gastrointestinal complications could be related to surfing. Plus, the risk is higher after a rainy session.

Research has also shown that 12 in 1000 surfers who surf in the rainy season can get ill more than surfing in dry weather season. So there’s a higher chance of contracting diseases during wet seasons than dry seasons.


Although it might not be a good idea, it’s okay to surf in the rain. Still, surfing after the rain is a no-no. It increases the risk of swallowing polluted fecal water, leading to health conditions such as hepatitis, skin rash, dysentery, ear and nose problem, gastroenteritis, and other respiratory health conditions. Diarrhea, nausea, inflamed intestines, and tummy cramps are not left out.

If you must surf in the rain, ensure to protect your health by: having a fresh bath immediately after surfing, blowing out the mucus from your nose and throat. Cleaning your ears, disinfecting your nostrils, remaining hydrated, and increasing your fruits and vegetable intake.

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