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Is Paddle Boarding Dangerous?

   December 28th, 2022   Posted In: Articles   Tags:

Is Paddle Boarding Dangerous?

Picture this. You’re on a serene body of water and the only thing preventing you from falling in said water is a board. It’s like you’re standing on water but in reality you’re standing, or even kneeling, on a board. This board as well as a paddle allows you to beautifully glide across water and get from one spot to the other. 

Whether you are paddle boarding on the river, in the ocean, or on a lake, this popular water sport does come with some cautious territory. So, is paddle boarding dangerous? Read on to find out if so and check out our suggested tips on staying safe!

Paddle Boarding Dangers

Paddle boarding is a wonderful opportunity and way to travel across water. But what happens if that water becomes not-so-calm? Or you didn’t prepare for a change in weather or temps? Or you fall in with no one around to help and you’re not attached to your board? I’m sure you see where this is going. 

By all means do not read this and fear paddle boarding. Get out there and enjoy it for sure! But do it safely and wisely. Here are some of our paddle boarding safety suggestions.

  • Wear a life jacket/vest
  • Use a leash
  • Watch the weather
  • Dress appropriately
  • Make sure you know the basics of swimming
  • Don’t go solo
  • Know exactly where you’re paddling and its conditions
is paddle boarding dangerous

Paddle Boarding Dress Code

As we mentioned above, wear a life jacket and make sure you dress correctly. A life jacket is essential, no doubt about it. Deep waters or rocky conditions could turn dangerous if you’re stranded without a life vest. So wear one! 

On that same note, make sure you wear a leash with your board. Leashes come in all types of styles and they’re extremely important in sticky situations. If you fall off the board, your life vest and your leash will really come in handy and protect you from dangers.

What you wear is also vital for safety. If the air temps are 70 degrees Fahrenheit but the water is a crisp 58 degrees with a wind chill, we highly recommend wearing a paddle boarding wetsuit and wetsuit accessories for warmth and protection.

If you’re paddle boarding in the tropics, be sure to wear your sunscreen and a rash guard for protection from sunburn and damage!

Know Before You Go

Know the basics of swimming. Make sure you know exactly where you plan to paddle. Understand the expected water conditions. And know the weather. These are pretty cut and dry basics to know, but they’re important to call out. Stay safe by knowing the basics of treading water and holding your breath. Don’t go out when there’s a potential thunderstorm or crazy winds. And make sure that where you’re paddling is not super shallow. 

Don’t Go Solo

There are certain situations in life where going solo is really great. Paddle boarding isn’t one of those though. Go with a paddle board buddy or buddies. And if you do decide to wing it solo, make sure you tell someone where you’ll be. 

And That’s That

Is paddle boarding dangerous? As you can tell, it has its dangers, but with some precaution and safety measures, you’ll be able to stand up, paddle, and discover beautiful scenery. Now get out there and (safely) enjoy the magic of paddle boarding!

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