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How to Find a Dive Buddy

   February 19th, 2018   Posted In: How-To   Tags:

One of the golden rules of SCUBA diving is to never dive alone. A dive buddy is vital for checking equipment and ensuring the safety of their diving partner. But how do you find a good dive buddy for your day visits and vacations? Here are a few ideas on how to do so!

Diving Courses

If you plan to do your advanced SCUBA diving course or are tempted by wreck dives, then the other divers on your program will have shared interests. Some may even be looking out for a new dive partner to try out their skills or to just enjoy some recreational diving.

Dive Clubs

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One of the best ways of finding new dive buddies in and out of the water is a SCUBA diving club. Most are affiliated with a recognized dive organization and will organize days out diving on weekends and during longer vacations. The advantage of a dive club is there are divers of all abilities, so if you are just starting out there will be more experienced people around. Dive clubs often get discounts in diving stores for items like wetsuits, so there are even more advantages of joining the gang.

Go on a Dive Trip

PADI organized dive trips are a great way to learn new skills and meet like-minded people. You’ll be paired up with a buddy, which can be a good opportunity to get to know them and others. Once you have contact details, you’ll likely find even more opportunities to go diving.

Ask a Friend

Do you have a friend who goes diving? They may already have a regular buddy but they might know someone looking for a new dive partner. Just by asking around you can hook up with someone trying to find buddies to dive with. If you are inexperienced, do make sure your first dive is with others in case one of you has overestimated their knowledge and skills in dive safety. Dive trips are ideal as there will be a mix of experience in the group.

The more you look the easier it will be to find someone who wants to go diving!

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