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How Should A Rash Guard Fit?

   April 30th, 2018   Posted In: Articles, How-To  

How Should a Rash Guard Fit?

Rash guards are practical and have lots of uses, from sun protection to preventing chafing from rough surfboards. However, to be effective, it’s important to first make sure a rash guard fits correctly. In this post, we’re answering the question ‘how does a rash guard fit?’ as well as how to wear a rash guard. So, how should a rash guard fit? Read on for more!

how should a rash guard fit

This dude’s sporting a regular/performance fit rash guard.

Loose Fit or Clingy Fit?

How should rash guard fit? Rash guards come in either a loose or a regular/clingy style, so one of the factors in choosing them is the type of sport you’ll be using them for. A loose fit is essentially like a t-shirt while the regular/clingy fit is tighter and more of a performance fit. With water sports, for example, a loose-fitting rash guard can be cumbersome when swimming or surfing. This means you’ll need one that has a tight fit close to the skin, which gives it less resistance when you are moving. Paddler’s, boaters and those seeking sun protection should check out a looser fit.


You should check that the rash guard stitching lies flat and is high quality. If you have a rash guard with over-lock seams, it may cause rubbing and chafing when you are on the move. It is really important to look for a quality product with flat seams so you will avoid problems with chafing.

Sleeve Length

You’ll find rash guards with short and long sleeves, as well as tanks. If you are doing water sports, a long-sleeved rash guard will give more protection from the sun and keep you cooler. In sports such as swimming and surfing where there is lots of arm movement, you’ll need a short- or long-sleeved rash guard to protect the underarm area from chafing.


Some rash guards are aimed at the unisex market. It is best to look for either a male or female rash guards as the shape is different. This will ensure you get a closer fit, which is especially important for water sports.

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