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Why Wear a Rash Guard?

   April 30th, 2018   Posted In: Articles  

Why Wear a Rash Guard?

Rash guards are commonly used in water sports and have a number of practical uses. Made from spandex and either polyester or nylon, they fit under a wetsuit or can be worn alone. Here’s why you should wear a rash guard:

Protection From Rashes and Chafing

A rash guard provides an extra layer that protects your skin in and out of the water. Many surfers go shirtless while wearing a wetsuit but some like to wear a rashguard underneath their suit for extra warmth and protection. Others who aren’t wearing a wetsuit will wear a rashguard to help protect their skin from sunburn and board rash.

why wear a rash guard

This guy’s sporting his rash guard for a surf session.

Sun Protection

What’s another reason as to why wear rash guard? Sun protection. The sun’s rays are a lot stronger in and around the water. That’s why quality rash guards have built-in UV protection, providing an additional layer with swimwear. It is important to wear sun screen, as well as a rash guard, so you have maximum protection against harmful sun rays.

An Insulation Layer

A rash guard is a also a useful way to act as an insulation layer. You can wear it underneath your wetsuit or wetsuit top and it provides an extra layer of protection and warmth. It can even help to keep you cool on a hot day or when you are on a boat. A rash guard is also a great cover up on the beach or out on the water.

Getting In and Out of a Wetsuit

One of the lesser known reasons for wearing a rash guard is that it makes it easier to get in and out of your wetsuit, particularly when you’re in a hurry to catch the next wave. Instead of all the usual pulling and squeezing, your wetsuit will slide right on with a rash guard. They can also be quick drying and antimicrobial, which means they won’t smell. People wear them as casual shirts too, and there are some great designs on the market.

Rash guards are more useful than you think and are also affordable! Now that we’ve answered the question of ‘why wear a rash guard?’, it’s time to treat yourself to one!

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