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Posts by Patrick Kirk

how to choose a wakeboard size
  June 29th, 2023

How To Choose A Wakeboard Size

Riding the Wake: Does Wakeboard Size Matter? Finding the perfect size wakeboard can drive riders nuts. Many beginner and intermediate riders have this issue, but once you learn a bit about...
where can i rent a wetsuit
  April 12th, 2023

Where Can I Rent A Wetsuit?

Where to Rent a Wetsuit Surfers, SCUBA divers, and kiteboarders are all water sports enthusiasts who rely on specialized equipment to enjoy their activities safely and comfortably. One...
how are wetsuits rated
  February 8th, 2023

How Are Wetsuits Rated for Warmth?

How Are Wetsuits Rated? When it comes to purchasing the right wetsuit for the water, you need to find not only the right size but the right rated suit thickness for the temperatures you’re...
what size stand up paddle board do i need
  December 30th, 2022

What Size Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Do I Need?

What Size Stand Up Paddle Board Do I Need? Finding the right size SUP is just as important as picking the right wetsuit for your body....
what is foil surfing and how does hydrofoil surfing work
  December 2nd, 2022

What Is Foil Surfing & How Does It Work?

What Is Foil Surfing? Are you a shoreline observer or surfer who recently caught a glimpse of one of those foil board riders lately? You may...
how do scuba tanks work
  November 6th, 2022

How Do SCUBA Tanks Work?

How Do SCUBA Tanks Work? Curious about how SCUBA tanks work? The SCUBA tank, also known as a diving tank or diving cylinder, is what divers use to store and transport high-pressure gas to...
how warm does a wetsuit keep you
  October 23rd, 2022

How Warm Does a Wetsuit Keep You?

How Warm Does a Wetsuit Keep You? Wondering how warm a wetsuit will keep you in cold waters? The goal of any wetsuit is to prevent the wearer from getting so cold in the water that they...
what are surfboard fins made of
  July 31st, 2022

What Are Surfboard Fins Made Of?

The single fin or triple fin system on your surfboard has evolved over the years. In the early days of American surfing, board creators realized that waves were easier to harness and control...
how much do surfboards weigh
  May 31st, 2022

How Much Do Surfboards Weigh?

How Much Do Surfboards Weigh? Curious about the weight of your next surfboard? Like paddleboards, skimboards, and wakeboards, surfers want to be snappy on their feet when riding a wave. Your...
what tide is best for surfing?
  September 24th, 2020

What Tide Is Best For Surfing?

What Tide Is Best For Surfing? The waves are up! But for how long? Surfing uses all the human senses. If you’ve surfed the same reef breaks or jetty locations on a routine basis, you may...
why so surfboards have fins
  August 31st, 2020

Why Do Surfboards Have Fins?

Why Do Surfboards Have Fins? Hunting surfboard fins online and wondering the right type of fin for your board? Fins are essential components for riding and carving a wave, and the surf fins you...
how to hydrofoil surf
  August 26th, 2020

How To Hydrofoil Surf

How To Hydrofoil Surf Wondering how to get comfortable riding a hydrofoil board? The hydrofoil craze is wiping across the world as active watermen and women from all shorelines are riding...