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How To Choose A Wakeboard Size

   June 29th, 2023   Posted In: How-To   Tags:

Riding the Wake: Does Wakeboard Size Matter?

Finding the perfect size wakeboard can drive riders nuts. Many beginner and intermediate riders have this issue, but once you learn a bit about wakeboard dimensions and all the parts involved, you can further understand what size board suits you.

The right size board is not only crucial for unlocking your true potential on the water, but it helps prevent injuries and gives your body and style the control it needs behind the boat or cable. Find out how to choose the right size wakeboard for you by reading on!

Wake Board Dimension Sizes | What’s Best for Me?

The board is the platform that connects the boots and fins of the board, and is an essential piece to your wakeboarding gear. It might have aerodynamic grooves that flow beneath the board, but all boards are of different shapes as well as dimensions—typically constructed from a combination of foam, fiberglass, and resin. This composite construction provides the perfect flexibility, durability, and buoyancy for rider weight. The materials used ensure the board maintains its integrity and responsiveness, allowing you to glide across the water’s surface effortlessly.

When it comes to selecting the right size wakeboard, there are two primary factors to consider. The length and width. The length determines the board’s overall stability and maneuverability, while width plays a crucial role in buoyancy and weight distribution.

For beginners, it’s advisable to opt for a longer and wider board. A longer board provides added stability and forgiveness, making it easier to find your balance and maintain control. Additionally, a wider board offers increased buoyancy, providing a smoother ride and reducing the likelihood of sinking. This combination allows novice riders to gain confidence and progress their skills at their own pace.

Which Wakeboard to Choose When Advancing in The Sport?

As riders advance to an intermediate level, they can begin to experiment with slightly shorter and narrower boards. A shorter board enhances maneuverability, allowing for quick turns and tricks. Meanwhile, a narrower board provides a more responsive ride, enabling riders to carve through the wake with precision and agility.

To complete the perfect wakeboarding setup, ensuring a proper wetsuit boot fit is crucial. The right boot fit offers optimal support, comfort, and control. Boots should snugly wrap around your feet, providing stability without sacrificing flexibility. A secure and comfortable fit enables riders to execute tricks confidently and ride for longer periods without discomfort.

As you embark on your wakeboarding journey, take into account the importance of finding the right board size and boot fit. These factors can greatly impact your progression and overall enjoyment on the water. So, take the time to assess your skill level, body size, and weight before pulling the trigger on a new wakeboard.

If you can order a board in person while comparing it to your body and stance, do so. This will give you a better feel and vision of what you intend to add to the board and how it will feel beneath your feet. If you’re shopping for wakeboards online, double-check the dimensions in the description and pull out your tape measure if you want to be accurate about what the length will look like below you.

See Yourself on the Water | Be The Board

Okay, Mr. Cheezle. But seriously? Where do you get your wakeboard? Finding the right size wakeboard the first time around can save you tons of time and cash. Always conduct thorough research on the top wakeboard brands that perform and last for the long haul. Anything can last if you take care of it properly, and the wakeboard deck is only half the battle. The boots and fin size are just as important, and sizing for your feet can take several attempts to find what feels right. Most importantly, it does help to visualize riding the board and performing on it.

Also, check the weight of the board to make sure it fits your riding style. If you feel like it will weigh you down when jumping the wake, choose a deck that is thinner and lighter. If you feel like you’ll dig harder edges on a thicker board, make sure to find a board that is thinner than what you’re used to. Always compare what you currently have or what you’ve used in the past to the wakeboard you’re scouting. If what you see feels right, trust your gut and give it a go.

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