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Spectacular Surf Spots Every Surfer Needs to Experience

   March 5th, 2018   Posted In: Articles   Tags:

The Top 4 Surf Spots Every Surfer Needs to Know About

The surfing experience is only ever as good as the waves on offer. Thankfully, there are a few destinations that offer optimum surfing conditions throughout the year — as well as some spectacular coastal backdrops. Here are the top picks for the most spectacular surf spots surfers need to know and experience!

1. Waikiki, Hawaii

Waikiki’s famous beach attracts thousands of tourists every week, but accomplished surfers tend to steer clear of the crowds in favor of a world-renowned spot at the east end of Kuhio Beach Park. Queen’s Surf is one of the best waves in Hawaii, and is perfect for long boarding. This is a reliable wave that breaks with the slightest of swell, which is why it is used for both professional and amateur competitions throughout the year.

surf spots

Image of Waikiki courtesy of MagicSeaweed.

But don’t worry if things get crowded at Queen’s, as there are plenty more waves in Waikiki to choose from, including Canoes, Diamond Head and the infamous Ala Moana Bowls.

2. Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Known locally as “J Bay,” Jeffreys Bay in South Africa is home to Supertubes — a wave of such ferocity that it garners the utmost respect from some of the most capable professional surfers in the world. Located in the Eastern Cape province, this exciting surfer’s paradise offers long barrels and seriously intense break points. While Supertubes is perhaps the most famous wave in Jeffrey’s Bay, experienced surfers can take their pick from several others, including Albatross, Magna Tubes and the ominously titled Boneyards.

The best time of year to visit Jeffrey’s Bay is during the winter, between the months of June and August.

3. Rincon, Puerto Rico

Rincon was a relatively sleepy coastal town for centuries — until the world’s leading surfers realized just how amazing it is. The surf here isn’t the most spectacular in the world, but it is consistent and reliable. The opportunities to get barreled are almost endless, as you’ll find tubes all along the beach.

Thanks to the relatively undeveloped nature of the town, this is a great place to surf while escaping the worries of 21st-century life. If you’re in town, look for the famous green hill — surfers from around the world won’t be far away.

4. Gold Coast, Australia

The spectacular Gold Coast in Australia is home to more than 40 kilometers of golden beaches — as well as some of the most exciting surf on the planet. There are four sensational break points here, including the infamous Superbank. Creating jaw-dropping tubes and solid walls of water, this particular break attracts professional surfers from around the world. And if all that’s not exciting enough, Gold Coast boasts luxury beachfront property and a thriving nightlife.

When it comes to spectacular surf spots in the most beautiful locations on earth, you really are spoiled with options.

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