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Top Places to Dive in Malta

   April 30th, 2018   Posted In: Articles   Tags:

Best Places to Dive in Malta

Malta lies in the Mediterranean and is full of history. During World War II the entire island of Malta won the George Cross for their courage. Today Malta is full of renown diving sites which include walls, wrecks and reefs. Here’s a lowdown on the best places to dive in Malta.

Qawra Reef

Located in Northern Malta, the Qawra Reef is one of the most popular dive sites here. There’s a wide variety of marine life in the area. What makes it special for more experienced divers is the 40 meter drop off wall and the caves that are located under the reef itself. In summer, a wetsuit is adequate for these dives.

places to dive in Malta

Image of The Blenheim Bomber courtesy of Divebuddy.com.

Blue Hole

One of the most spectacular dives in Europe is the Blue Hole which is on Gozo. This beautiful island starts in an inland 10 meter pool and leads to the open ocean. There are awesome rock formations, marine life and an interesting swim through a crack in the reef known as The Chimney, which leads to a beautiful coral garden.

The Blenheim Bomber

Many of the World War II sites in Malta are war graves where diving is either restricted or not permitted. The Blenheim Bomber site on the sea bed at Xrobb L-Ghagin is one of the best places to dive. Diving with a local guide with expert knowledge of the site is great as they have additional information that you can miss out on. This dive is at 42 meters so is for experienced divers only. There’s also a large amount of marine life living in and around this crashed aircraft.

Imperial Eagle

The Imperial Eagle is a wrecked ferry boat that lies between Malta and Gozo. Today the hull remains which makes for an interesting dive at 42 meters. Close by there is a statue of Jesus. It weighs 13 tons and was blessed by the Pope to protect the local fishermen.

Malta is a great place in Europe for a diving vacation and there are several unique places to visit with dives for all experience levels.

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