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Kids Wetsuits for Swimming Lessons

   July 14th, 2017   Posted In: Articles  

kids wetsuits for swimmingIs Your Kid Freezing at Swim Lessons? Affordable Kids Wetsuits for Swimming Save the Day!

If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll stay in the water until their lips turn blue. The trouble is that they’re shivering after minutes in the water, even on a perfectly sunny day. No matter how much your kids like swimming, they often need a little extra help to stay warm in the water.

Enter the wetsuit. If you think they’re only for surfer dudes, think again! The whole point of a wetsuit – despite its somewhat misleading name – is to keep kids warm, not dry. And that’s a good thing, since the whole point of diving into a pool or taking a dip in the ocean is to have fun getting wet! The extra layer of coverage insulates little bodies and allows them to stay in the water for just about as long as they – or you – want.

Choosing Kids Wetsuits for Swimming

Believe it or not, wetsuits are available in a full range of sizes: toddlers, child/youth and juniors, so you’re sure to find just the right fit for your child. Just check the sizing chart and go from there. Most wetsuits provide some stretch, which means that getting a good fit is pretty easy.

Once you know your child’s size, think about the cut of the wetsuit. You can go for lightweight, minimal coverage or a full wetsuit depending on your child’s needs. If your child is like mine and it’s mostly just his arms that get cold after swimming awhile, a long sleeved top is an affordable option, and you can get ones starting at just $29.95. These are great because you might be able to get a few extra seasons of use out of it even after your child hits a leggy growth spurt, since it’s a separate.

For the next level up in coverage, a shorty springsuit has short sleeves but full coverage over the abdomen and thighs. It looks a bit like a romper and packs a lot of warmth while allowing your child to feel all the water on their lower arms and legs. These are still a good deal starting around $50.

For full coverage for the iciest water, a full wetsuit starts around $85. You can get these with loads of features and lots of extra stretch, but unless your kid is a competitive long-distance swimmer, why break the bank? Any of these lightweight wetsuits will do the trick to make swimming lessons a whole lot more comfortable this summer.

Need help figuring out what to get your little one? Contact our customer service team either via live chat, email (service@wetsuitwearhouse.com) or call 866-906-7848.

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