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The Health Benefits of Water Aerobics

   August 16th, 2017   Posted In: Articles  

Whether I take my water aerobics class at the local pool or head to a quiet lake for some added exercise with a friend, there are many health benefits of water aerobics that make the pastime worthwhile. You can check out the aquatic center in your area to see if they have classes available. I enjoy the many benefits I get from participating in the activity.

Greater Joint Flexibility

health benefits of water aerobicsI struggle with my knees, often feeling pain on the right side whenever I spend too much time walking or performing other exercises. Water exercises prove beneficial because they take the pressure off the joints. One of the best water aerobics benefits I’ve noticed is that it gives me greater joint flexibility. I can move better day to day and don’t feel the same pain in my knees that I normally do from other workout options.

Enhanced Sleep Quality

Another one of the wonderful benefits of water aerobics is the enhanced sleep quality you receive. I get a much better night’s rest after an aerobics class than I do on the days I don’t have a class to attend. Any time you work out, it helps to put you to sleep faster at night and helps you stay asleep for longer.

Lower Blood Pressure

I used to have high blood pressure when I was inactive day-to-day. Now that I take regular water aerobics classes, my pressure has lowered significantly. Working out in the water helps to improve blood flow to and from your heart, and even makes your heart stronger. In return, you see a lower blood pressure reading on the monitor and feel healthier as well.

Weight Loss

Choose your water aerobics weight loss goals and you’ll be surprised at how easy they are to meet. I lost a few pounds in just a couple of weeks of starting my class. My local aquatic center offers two different class types, one for basic aqua aerobics and one called Deep Water Aerobics. The Deep Water class provides maximum resistance so I get to improve my strength faster and work on losing weight at the same time.

If you have found yourself asking what are the benefits of water aerobics, it is time to find out for yourself. Join a local class or use your own pool to try out some exercises in the water. I take great comfort in knowing I am getting a good workout in anytime I’m in the pool, without having to hurt my knees or break a sweat. You can even wear a wetsuit meant for aerobics if it makes you feel more comfortable.

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