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Fall 2016 Arrivals Series: XCEL

   October 7th, 2016   Posted In: News  

Fall 2016 XCEL Wetsuits

New arrivals from XCEL Wetsuits bring in the third installment of our fall/winter 2016 arrivals posts.  XCEL always ups their wetsuit game with superior warmth, inner linings, and super flexible neoprene. Without further ado, here are the new suits!

Starting with the Axis Comp, XCEL has created a suit that’s ultra-stretchy and has a minimal seam design for the ultimate in comfort and movement. There’s also a quick dry lining in the torso that’s lightweight and fast-drying.

Then there’s the 4/3mm Infiniti X2 TDC which features 100% super stretch neoprene and a Thermo Dry Celliant (TDC) low pile lining in the torso and back. The TDC is fast drying, lightweight, and hydrophobic. The lower body is lined with a quick dry lining that’s made from recycled polyester fibers. Add in the hood for more warmth and you’re all set to get out in the cold water.

Lastly, there’s the 4/3mm Drylock TDC fullsuit with a hood. TDC has been featured in Drylock’s for a few seasons now, so how did they update this new suit? By using a Quick Dry Fiber exterior that’s fast drying, hydrophobic, and allows less water absorption, XCEL has made a suit that’s the ultimate in warmth without the extra weight. Add in a waterproof Drylock chest zip, fusion weld stitch free seams, and Thermo Dry Seam Tape for a tighter seal and you’ve got one heck of a cold water wetsuit!

Now for the ladies, we’ve got a long sleeve springsuit and a 5/4mm hooded fullsuit from XCEL. With its 100% sleek and fun design, ultra-stretch neoprene, sealed seams and a full back zipper the 2mm LUANA L/S Springsuit is the perfect warm water wetsuit.

Since it’s the fall/winter season, we brought on the 5/4mm XCEL Infiniti TDC Hooded Fullsuit with a hood for those ladies who love to shred in cold water temps! This flexible and comfortable suit features – you guessed it – a TDC lining in the front and back torso for greater warmth, more endurance and faster recovery. The tighter weave textile absorbs less water and the X2 chest zip entry keeps the water out.

We’re also super excited to be bringing on the 0.3mm Infiniti Comp Anti-Glove Glove! Why is this anti-glove so awesome? Well, let us count the ways. One, It is super durable and reliable even though it’s only 0.3mm in thickness. Two, If you despise wearing gloves but might need a pair, these are your go-to. And three, the welded seams, slick outer skin for wind resistance, and textured palm and grip combine to make one amazing pair of gloves. We strongly encourage you to check these bad boys out.

And for the kids, we’ve got two new XCEL boots! The 3mm XCEL XPLORER Round Toe Boot and the 5mm XCEL XPLORER Round Toe Boot! Made with ultra-stretch neoprene, these boots also have sealed seams to keep the water out. Ankle zippers are a great addition as they make entry and exit much easier for the kiddos.

And there you have it, another installment for our new arrivals. Check out all of our fall/winter 2016 new arrivals and stay tuned for the next new arrivals post – we’re showcasing O’Neill!

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