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Do You Need A Wetsuit For Spearfishing?

   March 25th, 2021   Posted In: Articles  

Do You Need A Wetsuit For Spearfishing?

Spearfishing can be a fun and exciting experience as you swim under the waves like Poseidon with his trident, the whole ocean at your mercy. You may not need a wetsuit for spearfishing in some places. However, it is important to take safety precautions to avoid the many dangers you could face.

Depending on where you are spearfishing and the time of day, the water temp can cause issues like hypothermia. Luckily you can solve almost all of the problems you might encounter with proper planning ahead of time and by having the right equipment with you.


Fishing is great but sometimes you don’t want to wait for a fish to come to you so go and get it yourself. Diving into the water with a spear can be primal and fun, but you are usually limited to how long you can hold your breath. SCUBA diving while spearfishing is only allowed in a few places so bring a mask and snorkel. You can find snorkels to help enhance your spearfishing experience and masks to extend your time freediving underwater! Don’t forget fins that fit your dive shoes!

do you need a wetsuit for spearfishingBenefits of Wetsuits

Consider using a wetsuit when spearfishing to enjoy a more comfortable experience. A wetsuit traps a layer of water against your skin that your body warms. Water temperatures drop the lower you dive and the deeper the water is.  At the very least you may want some UV protection for your back and neck if you are going to be snorkeling for a while.

Wetsuits come in many sizes and types. Depending on where you want to spearfish, a shorty springsuit might be better than a full wetsuit. You can keep your core warm while maintaining mobility. You may also want to browse gloves and boots to help protect your hands and feet. When walking into and out of the ocean you may have to cross rocks or coral.

Another benefit of wetsuits is they provide buoyancy and make it easier to stay afloat. This may require you to bring a weight belt, but will also allow you to venture further and stay out longer while saving energy. Being able to float on the surface with a snorkel and goggles will also give you a better opportunity to spot your next target without spooking the fish as much. In an emergency situation, a wetsuit can save your life in multiple ways. If you have not used a wetsuit before, check out this blog on How a Wetsuit Should Fit.

Underwater Hazards

An issue that wetsuits may help with is when you encounter jagged rocks, barnacles, fish with razor-sharp fins, and even poisonous underwater threats like lionfish or snakes. Diving down and surfacing could accidentally bring a spearfisher face to face with deadly stinging jellyfish, floating debris, and even boat engines and propellers! A wetsuit can help protect your body from some of these dangers. You can also snorkel with a dive flag so others know you’re there.

Other equipment you may want to consider is a dive knife. Not only do you need something to clean your fish with, but there are plenty of stories about divers getting caught up in fishing lines or other trash, and having a knife to cut yourself free is a good investment to go with your wetsuit.


 You can “rent” or borrow a wetsuit but that can be gross, especially if the rental place doesn’t clean the wetsuits well between use. This can lead to rashes and other issues. Owning your own wetsuit is a good way to avoid those problems. Plus you can pick out a cool-looking wetsuit from the Wetsuit Warehouse that matches your style instead of having to take that last tattered pink rental.

Do You Need A Wetsuit For Spearfishing?

 While you do not need a wetsuit for spearfishing, having one can improve many aspects of your experience. Dive boots that your fins fit and gloves will also come in handy. Wetsuits provide many benefits such as keeping you warmer, helping you float, and offer some physical protection. You can also protect yourself with a rashguard or a wetsuit top.

Better yet, get a buddy or more involved with your spearfishing adventures. Having another person with you can help in case something happens to you. The frequent holding of your breath and diving repeatedly might lead to shallow water blackout or other issues!

Sam has served as a U.S. Marine and loves to travel and experience new places. He started Scuba diving in 2004 while working on a dive boat and made hundreds of dives around the Pacific Ocean. Sam completed his MBA in 2017 and stared freelance writing full time. You can often find Sam writing, practicing with his local fencing team, or out exploring.

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