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Best Summer Wetsuits of 2018

   July 3rd, 2018   Posted In: Articles  

2018 Wetsuits: The Best of Summer Suits

best summer wetsuits of 2018

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Summer is in full effect which means it’s time to let our best summer wetsuits of 2018 shine! Warmer water temps let you say “see ya later” to hooded fullsuits and thick wetsuits and say “hey” to springsuits, jackets and rashguards. Since we couldn’t pick just one best wetsuit 2018, we’ve picked a range of items including a new line of products from O’Neill and even a new brand.

For the first pick of the best summer wetsuits of 2018, let’s talk about the latest from O’Neill Wetsuits. The all-new Reactor II wetsuit line is a combination of the former Hammer and Reactor wetsuit lines, so it features the best of both worlds and then some. The Reactor II series was designed for performance as well as value, and so far this season, this line has been a hot seller! Ranging from wetsuit tops to fullsuits to springsuits, these pieces are budget-friendly and reliable. Also, did we mention what a bargain these suits are? Prices for this entire line range from $49 to $115!

Next on our best summer wetsuits of 2018 list is for the kiddos. The 1.5mm Kid’s Rip Curl AGGROLITE F/Z Jacket puts the ‘fun’ in functional with its bright colorways, full front zipper (trust us, we know the loathing kids have towards pullover jackets) and soft and durable seams. This top also doesn’t break the bank at $49.95.

Then there’s the brand new line of sun protective and outdoor activity pieces from Anetik. Designed for virtually any performance outside sport (think fishing, SUP, surf, etc.), this brand uses their own VINT Cooling Technology along with high UPF ratings to protect you all day from harmful UV rays. What does VINT do? It lets airflow cycle in and out of the material which helps keep you cool even in intense heat. Every product in the line is also super soft, comfortable and was created to protect you from the elements. Prices range from $33 up to $75.

Now, for the gals this season, there’s a reversible – yep, that’s right, reversible – jacket from Billabong! The 2mm Billabong SYNERGY Wetsuit Jacket is a fun and functional way to protect your upper body while surfing or paddling. The sealed seams also add durability but mostly the whole reversible thing makes this wetsuit top even cooler. Think about it, you can wear this top two different ways and for only $74.95!

The final pick for our best summer wetsuits of 2018 is the 1.5mm Men’s Rip Curl OMEGA Jacket. Coming in at $59.95, this long sleeve jacket is a bargain! The neoprene isn’t high-end stretchy, but it’s made with Freeflex and Ultralight so it still provides just the right amount of stretch and comfort in the arms and underarms. Add in smoothskin panels on the front and back along with a small back zipper and you’ve got one heck of a top!

And that’s that on the best summer wetsuits of 2018 list! Have a favorite from these choices or do you have a must-have wetsuit piece for the summer? Let us know in the comments!

Lauren (LoLo) has been turning words into blog posts for Wetsuit Wearhouse since 2014. She learned to surf for the first time ever in Costa Rica but she gravitates more towards SUP. When she's not scouring the web for travel deals, you can find her either hiking, running, gardening, tending to her animals, or reading a good book outside on a beautiful day.

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  • Al says:

    Hi LoLo / Team,
    I am 59 and overweight. I always snorkel on top of the water and never had a wetsuit. I will be going to the Big Island this Feb and according to what I can find water temp is between 73-78 F and thinking I may need one for this trip – not sure of thickness and suit size. What do you recommend? Is a two piece better for my size?
    Height 66″
    Weight 245 #
    Chest 51″
    Waist 51″
    Hips 47″
    Neck 16″
    Inseam 28.5″


  • Laura Lister says:

    Can you advise me? I am 78 years old and find my pool a bit too cold. I would like to purchase a wet suit jacket that is very flexible and easy to swim and do aerobics in. Since swimming helps arthritis, movement is very important. I do not do straight laps, but various exercises worked into a lap. Also – I am overweight so I do not want anything “sexy”.

    What do you think?

    • Crysta Goff says:

      I’m going to send you a private email, Laura. (:

    • John Gross says:

      Hi make sure it has a full zipper they can be hard to get off at your age,you dont want a full suit or a pull over that you may need helping getting on and off,i just checked ebay theres a xxxl camo jacket full zipper,25$bid 15 shipping.looks new.
      And you can use as out of water jacket if its super cold.they really hold heat in shockingly so.
      Because of how hard they are to remove you might want to start with hood gloves and feet.try searchs like neoprine gloves socks hood.jacket check ebay cheap.also thift stores often have wetsuits for like 20$

  • Marco says:


    I read your blog in a quick and non efficient way. I didn’t find the answer I was looking for. I found your views very interesting, points are great too, thank you for your post. It helped me understand a little into what I was looking for. I hope you carry on with your views and different ways of wording your initial subject/subjects. Enjoy reading your book in hot summer days, it’s when you’re most alive in the most ways you can be.


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