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Best Portugal Surf Spots – Where To Surf In Portugal

   February 20th, 2018   Posted In: Articles   Tags:

Where to Surf in Portugal: The Top Portugal Surf Spots

When it comes to surfing spots, most people don’t think of Portugal first. The energetic and exotic Pacific Ocean tends to steal most of the attention from the Atlantic. But Portugal is home to some of the most best places to surf in the Atlantic basin. Here’s a list of some of the best surf spots in Portugal:


Sagres tops many Portugal surf guides, and this otherwise-sleepy village is the beating heart of the nation’s surfing scene. Sagres’ waves come in all shapes and sizes, and the beach has something to offer everyone, from novice surfers to grizzled veterans. This small village has largely absented itself from the building frenzy that’s overtaken many of Portugal’s coasts, so there’s still plenty of pristine beauty to enjoy.

portugal surf spots

Image of Sagres courtesy of MagicSeaweed.

You’ll find stellar waves in Sagres all year, although they slow down a little in summer. Ocean temperatures here dip as low as 59 degrees Fahrenheit in March, and peak around 72 in August. Dress warmly!

North Canyon

You might not take this tiny village as one of the best Portugal surf spots. But North Canyon has drawn a ton of attention from the surfing world recently, thanks to its stormy seas (which are both blessing and bane to local fishermen). In 2011, Garret McNamara rode a North Canyon wave so huge it landed him in the Guinness Book of World Records, and this beach’s place in history was sealed.

Be aware that North Canyon’s monster waves knock out several surfers every year, and its dangerous currents are nothing to mess with. Advanced surfers should prep for ocean temperatures that are as low as 56 degrees in March, and rise up to 69 in August.


Coxos (“KOH-shuss”) is yet another top-notch Portuguese surf spot. Many surfers hold Coxos’ waves to be the country’s best: at low tide, this right-hand barrel wave breaks over flat rocks, and offers a consistent, pleasant, delightful ride. The nearby village of Ericeira has been deemed a World Surf Reserve, so Coxos will be providing surfers with amazing waves for many years to come.

Bring your booties, to protect against sharp rocks and sea urchins on the ocean floor. Temperatures here dip down to 57 in early March, before the water warms up to 72 in late August.

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