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Best East Coast Surfing & Surf Spots

   September 2nd, 2016   Posted In: Articles   Tags:

Best East Coast Surfing

Ruggles Beach, Rhode Island

Whether you are a novice surfer or an expert, the Eastern Coast of the United States offers some of the best surfing spots that can offer enjoyment to all ages. Waves can vary from knee high and peeling on Assateague Island to barreling and overhead in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Listed below are some of the spots to visit for the best East Coast surfing!

Ruggles, Newport, Rhode Island

Ruggles is a special break for the east coast, offering one of the gnarliest reef breaks around. This spot can hold swells that can reach up to 20 feet! If you are experienced enough in big waves, Ruggles is a place to test out. Like most East Coast surf spots, hurricane season, which runs from roughly June 1st to November 30th each year, will offer the best opportunities to hit it big on this New England break.

Various Spots in New Jersey

New Jersey can often be neglected in thinking about which states in the U.S. offer the best surf. Not only does New Jersey offer some of the best East Coast surfing, some argue, on the right day, New Jersey offers some of the best waves on the East Coast. Period. It’s hard to narrow down just one surf spot on the Jersey shore that offers the best surf breaks. The list of quality surf breaks goes on and on. Allenhurst, Harvey Cedars, 14th Street at Belmar, Ocean City, and the Manasquan Inlet, offer some of the best waves for surfing on the east coast.

Ocean City, Maryland

East Coast Surfing

Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City, Maryland is the quintessential American boardwalk beach town. During the summer months, Ocean City becomes the second largest city in Maryland, busting at the seams with tourists looking for crab cakes and surf. Surf in the summer months consists of knee to waist surf that can be fun for beginners. During the winter, Ocean City offers some cold heavy barrels. East coast surfing revolves around hurricane season, and Ocean City reaps the benefits of these large storm systems. During hurricane season waves vary from waist high to overhead.

Assateague Island, Maryland

There isn’t anywhere in the U.S. quite like Assateague Island. The state and federally protected island is full of wild horses that roam the island. Often much less crowded than Ocean City, it offers a great place to get away from the summer hustles of the boardwalk and coastal highway. With year round sandbars,  Assateague is one of the most consistent breaks in the mid­Atlantic. During the summer, Assateague can be a great place for new surfers to fine-tune their skills. During the fall and winter months, Assateague becomes a premiere surf spot on the East Coast. Offering overhead barrels and long rides, one can see why Assateague Island is one of the top East Coast surf spots!

The Outer Banks, North Carolina

Best East Coast Surfing

Outer Banks, North Carolina

Simply some of the best waves the East Coast has to offer can be found in the outer banks of North Carolina’s coastline. With, quite literally, dozens and dozens of miles of surf breaks, take your pick. Cape Hatteras has been known to fire large barreling waves for surfer’s delight. Some argue that the Outer Banks offers the best surfing on the East Coast.

Looking to get the most out of surfing on the East Coast? Try a fun road trip with your friends this fall, you won’t regret what these gems have to offer when it comes to the best East Coast surfing! Want to share some of your favorite East Coast Surf Spots? Leave us some feedback in the comments below!

Will Moore grew up in Ocean City, Maryland and has been surfing since he was 7 years old. He spends summers longboarding Assateague National Park, and enjoys the bigger swells that hit Ocean City in the winter months. When he’s not surfing he enjoys hiking, spending time with friends and family, and traveling. He’ll be surfing and backpacking Southeast Asia for a year in 2017.

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  • Kenneth says:

    I have only been surfing about 2 years. I started while living in San Diego. However, I am a Maryland native. I am looking to meet people that know the areas and get input on the best times to get out and continue learning.

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