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Posts by Crysta Goff

what is in a scuba tank
  November 11th, 2022

What Is In a Scuba Tank?

What Is In a SCUBA Tank Have you ever wondered what is in SCUBA tank? Well keep reading to find out Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus Scuba tanks aren't just for looks....
what is an undertow
  May 2nd, 2022

What Is An Undertow?

What Is An Undertow? My goal is to help you better understand what an undertow is. Undertows... What Are They? People often use the terms “undertow” and “rip current”...
Why Do Surfers Wear Long Sleeves?
  March 2nd, 2022

Why Do Surfers Wear Long Sleeves?

Why Do Surfers Wear Long Sleeves? Ever been to the beach and wonder why you always see surfers and serious water sports enthusiasts wearing long sleeved shirts when it’s stifling hot...
what is a riptide
  February 23rd, 2022

What Is a Riptide & What To Do If You Get Caught In One

What Is a Riptide: Know Before You Go Rip currents, also falsely known as rip tides or undertows, are the number one hazard on surf beaches....