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XCEL Drylock Wetsuit Sale

   September 22nd, 2017   Posted In: Coupons  

XCEL Drylock Wetsuit Sale

xcel drylock wetsuit saleSummer is officially over, so get ready for those cold water temperatures by checking out our XCEL Drylock wetsuit sale – and when we say sale, we mean a TRUCKLOAD sale! Cold water won’t stand a chance when you wear a 4/3mm XCEL Infiniti X2 Drylock Fullsuit (only $275!) and those water temps that make us shiver thinking about them have nothing on the 5/4mm XCEL Drylock Hooded Fullsuit (now on sale for $475). What makes these fullsuits so great? They’re made with XCEL’s very own TDC lining (a.k.a. Thermo Dry Celliant). TDC low and high pile linings recycles your body heat and converts it to usable infrared energy for greater warmth, increased endurance, faster recovery, and overall enhanced performance. Sealed and taped seams as well as the Drylock chest zip entry work together to significantly reduce and prevent any cold water from seeping into the suit.

This XCEL Drylock wetsuit sale also features cold water accessories like boots and gloves because those are just as important as a fullsuit! We’re offering 5mm Drylock split toe boots and 7mm Drylock round toe boots for $70. And since you use your hands to paddle, you might want a glove that provides serious warmth and protection. So we have 3mm gloves, 5mm gloves and even a 7mm Drylock mitten up for grabs in this truckload sale. Hurry – this cold water wetsuit sale won’t last for long!

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