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How to SCUBA Dive

   September 12th, 2018   Posted In: How-To   Tags:

How to SCUBA Dive

SCUBA diving allows you to explore underwater, giving you the chance to experience firsthand the amazing views life under the sea has to offer. The adventurous activity requires the use of a special breathing device that ensures you can breathe underwater without having to stop and come up for air. It’s extremely important that you receive training before diving into the water, even earning certification to prove you know how to handle the basics as well as any emergency situation that may arise. Without further ado, here are some SCUBA diving tips and tricks.

how to scuba dive

This gal has all the right gear for her dive!

Training and Certification

A diver training course is necessary for all beginners. You will learn from an experienced instructor. He or she will inform you of how to set up your SCUBA gear, how to safely enter and exit the water, buoyancy control, underwater navigation, and additional safety protocols. You will receive each lesson as a SCUBA diving tutorial performed by your instructor, with helpful SCUBA diving tips to help you succeed.

Each trainee earns their certification at their own pace. The instructor must see that you fully understand the process and know what you’re doing before you can complete the course. This may take just a few days for some, and much longer for others.


The easiest items to start out with when selecting SCUBA diving gear are the mask, snorkel, and fins. These should fit well and prevent water from getting inside. You will also need a wetsuit for thermal regulation. The deeper you dive into the water, the colder it tends to get. A buoyancy control device helps to hold your tank and gear and allows you to float back up to the surface when the time is right. There should be a regulator attached so it can convert the high pressure air into air that is safe to breathe.

The tank is one of the most important components. Without it, you will not be able to continue to breathe underwater. It is vital that the tank is always filled before going for a dive. A dive computer is also vital, giving you the details you need for a safe dive. It will let you know your depth and when air is getting low.

With some SCUBA diving trips and tricks from training, anyone can learn how to SCUBA dive safely. Earning proper certification and knowing how to choose the right gear are among the first steps toward becoming an advanced scuba diver. Always follow safety procedures and dive with a friend to avoid mishaps. The underwater activity of scuba diving can prove to be a fun adventure as long as you know what you’re doing.

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