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How to Put on a Chest Zip Wetsuit

   April 3rd, 2018   Posted In: How-To  

How to Put on a Chest Zip Wetsuit

Maybe you’ve decided to trade in your back zip wetsuit for a chest zip one or you just want to try a chest zip wetsuit out to see what it’s all about. Either way, we’re listing all the steps on how to put on a chest zip wetsuit.

First things first, start with the feet and legs. Pro tip: use a plastic bag on your foot, wear a pair of wetsuit socks (like WETSOX) or use a wetsuit lubricant to make this whole ‘getting into a wetsuit’ process easier. Once you get the wetsuit over your feet and up to your ankles, work the material up each leg, one leg at a time. Just be careful not to fall over or lose your balance. Adjust the material upwards so that there’s no excess neoprene causing any bagginess. Then start pulling the wetsuit up to your hips and waist. Again, alter any excess material.

Once the suit is up over your hips and at your waist, it’s time to put your arms in the suit. Chest zip wetsuits feature a soft, stretchy and wider opening zipper so entry is pretty easy but you may have to open that gasket wide and shimmy on into that chest zip wetsuit.

If you are getting into a chest zip suit with a non-dislocating zip (a.k.a. an attached zipper) – put your arm into the non-dislocating side first and then your other arm in the other wetsuit sleeve. If you are putting on a suit with a dislocated chest zipper, it doesn’t matter which arm goes in first. Once your arms are covered, pull up any extra material towards your shoulders and neck.

And last but not least, time to get that zipper zipped. Pull the flap over your head, align the zippers, then zip! Some brands have a magnetic/button closure or an adjustment cord for a secure and comfortable fit.

Make sure to prevent any tears or snags in the neoprene and/or the smooth skin panels by taking your time and just being gentle with the suit!

Still need help? Check out the video below!

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