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How To Do Air Surfing

   May 2nd, 2022   Posted In: How-To   Tags:

How To Do Air Surfing

Catching air on a surfboard is a complex trick that can take years of practice to perfect. However, many people don’t have the time or ability to practice all the time, so understanding the individual steps can speed up the process. This article discusses the individual steps you need to take in order to air on a surfboard.

What is Airing on a Surfboard?

In many surfboard magazines today, covers feature athletes completing complex aerial moves on waves. While today this skill is becoming more and more common, it wasn’t always. Similar to performing tricks on a skateboard, aerial tricks are complex and require a lot of practice. Any amount of air your catch is a step in the right direction. In order to air on a surfboard, you will need to follow the steps listed below.

How to Air on a Surfboard

In surfing, “air” is when you launch yourself and your board into the air and land back onto the wave. Many surfers attempt air while surfing, but it takes a lot of practice and patience to be able to actually get air and land successfully. However, these few steps and tricks will hopefully help you get there faster.

Gain Speed

The first part of air surfing is gaining speed. Speed is the main component that will help launch yourself into the air. Without the proper speed, the momentum will not launch the board up with you which can result in a failed landing. To get up to a good speed, it is necessary to choose a fast wave. Once you are on the fast wave, move on it and gain speed by pumping and staying low.

Find the Lip

Now that you have the necessary speed, it is time to find the area of launch. You will be launching yourself off the lip of the wave so it is important to find a tall vertical lip with a minimal amount of white. Once you find the ideal lip area, maintain your momentum and approach it horizontally. 

Lift Up 

With your speed and your board horizontal to the lip, stay low and widen your stance. Use the upward momentum to launch yourself off the lip by pushing the nose of the board upward. Once you have some air, lift your knees up to your chest to bring the board up. If you are concerned the board won’t come up, you can grab the rail and pull it with you. Make sure you maintain a stance that allows you to come down on the board as you land.

Land It

While in the air, keep your stance wide and low to the board. Bend your knees in preparation for impact and make sure you locate an appropriate area to land. The best area to land is in a flatter area of the wave that is still moving (such as the foam). Once you come down, maintain your wide stance until you are steady and ride the wave the rest of the way to shore. 

Practice Makes Perfect

While the individual steps of air surfing are simple, finding the proper balance of speed and lift is difficult to do without practice. Don’t expect to land it or even catch air on the first try. It will take time and practice to be able to achieve the air you want. But don’t give up! Practice makes it easier and soon you will be a pro.

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