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Fall 2016 Arrivals Series: Roxy

   October 18th, 2016   Posted In: News  

Fall 2016 Roxy Wetsuits

Our final fall/winter 2016 new arrivals post is on – you guessed it – Roxy! Always a fun and fashion forward brand, Roxy brings us a spankin’ new brand line called Pop Surf. We’ve also got a few budget-friendly and key pieces from their popular Syncro line and a new fullsuit built strictly for performance.

Starting with newbies from the Pop Surf line, we’ve got an adorable and stylish 1mm Roxy POPSURF Short Jane and a functional and fun pair of capris – the 1mm Roxy POPSURF Neo Pant.

Both wetsuits are made with 100% superstretch FN Lite neoprene, and fun fact, this type of neoprene is packed with air cells so you get a lightweight and warm suit. They also feature durable flatlock seams. The Roxy short jane has a nice front zip for entry/exit and a small back pocket to store your keys or other small items. The neo pant can be translated from boardwalk to water or water to boardwalk and has a small key loop in the back pocket.

The Roxy BASE wetsuits are a great budget-friendly piece. This 4/3mm wetsuit is made with standard neoprene so it’s not top notch stretch, but it’s made with a durable neoprene. The lower body and underarms though are made with super stretch neoprene for a great range of motion. The thickness of this suit work great in cool water temps!

We’ve also got the 4/3mm Women’s Roxy PERFORMANCE Fullsuit. This fullsuit is seriously warm and designed with the best wetsuit features including 100% superstretch FN Lite neoprene and a Warmflight thermal lining which insulates, retains body heat, and dries fast! The sealed seams have an ultralight seam seal called Red Seal Seam for a super flexible and durable wetsuit. And the fun color way makes this suit a standout.

And for the youngsters, we’ve have the 1.5mm Toddler’s Roxy SYNCRO Shorty Springsuit. This shorty is made with standard neoprene and has sturdy flatlock seams and a back zipper for easy entry/exit. It comes in an adorable color way too so it’s a win-win for parents!

We mentioned the popular Syncro line earlier, and boy do we have some great new colors for this season! We’ve got fun new colors in the 3/2mm Syncro Flatlock Fullsuit, the 4/3mm Syncro Fullsuit, and the 3/2mm Syncro Sealed Fullsuit. If you don’t want a full wetsuit, we’ve also got a new color way in the 2mm Roxy Syncro L/S Springsuit or if you’re looking for a cold water wetsuit, we have a new color for the 5/4/3mm Syncro Hooded Fullsuit! Take your pick, folks.

And that’s a wrap for our fall/winter 2016 new arrivals from our brands. Hope you enjoyed the posts and stay tuned because before you know it, we’ll be getting hot new arrivals in for spring 2017!

fall 2016 roxy wetsuits

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