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Best Water Aerobics Equipment and Gear

   August 22nd, 2017   Posted In: Articles  

Water aerobics provides a great way to get in some exercise while keeping the pressure off your joints. You should never show up to class empty-handed, though. There are numerous pieces of water aerobics equipment and gear that will help make the workout even more worthwhile.

Pool Noodle

The long foam noodles used by children during summer months prove quite useful during a water aerobics class. Noodle tucks, noodle lunges and more can be accomplished with the help of a pool noodle. My local aquatic center keeps a set of pool noodles available for class participants to use so each person has the same size and color.


Most aquatic centers offering classes to beginners will provide participants with kickboards. Kickboards work well to get novices in the routine of swimming and using their full bodies. Those who have less upper body strength may need to start out with a board and work toward transitioning away from the board in later classes. If you are joining a class that doesn’t use this equipment, you may be allowed to bring your own for assistance.

Aqua Dumbbells

If the goal of the class is to greatly improve strength, then aqua dumbbells may come into play. They add extra resistance to the workout. Many facilities have these on hand and allow class participants to use them, while some others may request that you bring a pair from home if you desire.

Water Aerobics Shoes

You don’t want your feet becoming raw and annoyed standing on the pool floor for an hour each class. Instead, use a pair of water aerobics shoes to help combat the problem and keep your feet safe during your exercises. I wear mine so my feet don’t become irritated rubbing against the pool floor. Some of the best shoes for water aerobics are low-top wetsuit booties. The soles on these lightweight water shoes have traction so you won’t slip.

Swimsuit or Wetsuit

water aerobics equipmentSome people may want to keep covered by wearing a pair of shorts and/or T-shirt to class. This practice is not recommended, as long clothes can interfere with the workout, especially if you’re using equipment. When taking a water aerobics class, you need proper swimsuit attire that won’t get caught on the noodle or other gear.

I like to wear a water aerobics wetsuit with thermal protection because it not only keeps me covered, but also keeps me warm without interfering with my fitness routine. People with poor circulation should consider this option because you can get cold in the water faster than those with healthy circulation. You can even choose a vest or pair of wetsuit shorts only if you prefer to keep one particular area covered. Be sure to give your suit a freshwater rinse afterward as well. The pool’s chlorine can destroy both wetsuits and regular bathing suits quickly. Wetsuit shampoo is a great option for really cleaning your suit!


Many people might believe goggles are unnecessary during a water aerobics class. After all, you’re primarily staying above water. There are some exercises, though, that require you to be face down in the water for a short time. Goggles can come in handy so you can keep an eye on any equipment you might be using during the routine. You can usually get through a class without needing goggles, but anyone with eyesight issues may want to use them to avoid the chlorine bothering their eyes.

Before you sign up for your first class, ask the instructor which water aerobics gear the center or gym provides. Some may offer all equipment so you never have to bring your own, while others only have select items available to use. With the right supplies, you can make the most out of your session and get in a great water workout.

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