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Base Layer: Adding Warmth & Protection

   November 7th, 2016   Posted In: FAQs  

Base Layer 101

Now that cool and cold weather are in full effect, we wanted to point out how/why a base layer is an inexpensive way to boost your warmth while in or on the water. Most of our wetsuit base layer selection includes products that have a poly/thermal lining. These linings add a bit of extra warmth when you wear them under your existing wetsuit. They are great for layering for colder water temperatures, preventing rash and abrasion, and for getting in and out of wetsuits easier. When worn alone, they primarily provide sun protection.

We offer a variety of base layer items including a poly fullsuit, socks, long sleeve and short sleeve tops, and pants or shorts and all of them cater to different needs.

Our Unisex NeoSport Lycra bodysuit can be worn alone or under a wetsuit and protects you from the sun and abrasion. This bodysuit though does not provide any warmth as it is a Lycra piece. We also offer the Henderson HOTSKINS Lycra Bodysuit if you’re looking for more color options! If you want full-body warmth under your wetsuit, we recommend the Men’s Hot Skins Poly Jumpsuit, as this particular suit does include poly fleece which wicks moisture away and insulates. The drier your skin stays, the less your body has to work to warm the water.

Now if you don’t need full coverage, we recommend sporting any of our long sleeve or short sleeve base layer tops as well as our shorts or pants. Choosing which base layer you need depends on the water sport and water temperature. Just like the poly jumpsuit, a lot of our l/s tops, s/s tops, shorts and pants feature poly fleece lining for added warmth and protection (and make wetsuit entry and exit easy!)

If you’re looking for base layer accessories, we have plenty of socks to choose from! Some, like the HyperFlex Thermal Hot Socks, the 1mm WETSOX Thermal Split Toe Sock, and the NRS SealSkinz Sock are great options that have poly fleece.  So not only are you getting additional warmth for your toes with these base layer socks, you’re also able to get in and out of boots much easier. No hassle here!

And there you have it – base layer 101! Any questions? Feel free to contact our awesome team either by phone, 866-906-7848, live chat, or email, service@wetsuitwearhouse.com!

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