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Why Peeing in Your Wetsuit Is Ok

   February 28th, 2019   Posted In: Articles  

Let’s be honest here, everyone at some point in their lives has peed in a pool and/or peed in the ocean. Gross, but true. Nature calls sometimes and does not discriminate no matter where you are or what you’re wearing. So if you’re sporting that fancy new wetsuit and find yourself having to #1 while in the water, it’s okay to just let it loose. You’re probably thinking, “Peeing in a wetsuit? Never. No way. Nuh uh. Not me.” Well, tough luck. Unless you’ve got a bladder made of steel, holding that pee in will cause health issues and quite frankly, ruin your time in the water. Basically, peeing in your wetsuit is A-OK, people.

Why Peeing in Your Wetsuit Is Ok

peeing in your wetsuit
As previously said, holding in your pee does more harm than good, so when you gotta go, just go. You’re in the water anyway, right? Now we can preach and say that peeing in your wetsuit is perfectly normal (and it is), but, you also need to realize that your wetsuit may slightly smell, and you’ve got live with that for the rest of your surf session.

With that being said, you wouldn’t pee your pants and not wash them, right? Or else some foul smells would occur. Just like with regular pants that need washed, you will definitely want to rinse your wetsuit with fresh water and even use a wetsuit shampoo after you’re done in the water. That way you’re all fresh and clean the next time you wear your wetsuit. Also, your friends and fellow surfers will thank you for courteously keeping your suit fresh. Speaking of friends, if you’re borrowing a wetsuit from them, do the courteous thing and either not pee in the suit OR rinse/shampoo and air dry it for them. Because friends don’t let friends wear nasty residue pee wetsuits.

Another option you can do is (while in the water) allow some water to seep into your suit and at some point it will come out of your wetsuit leg. That’ll reduce some of the smell or discomfort. Again though, your best bet is to always rinse your wetsuit and air dry it!

And just for the heck of it, we recently did a poll on our Facebook to see if peeing in your wetsuit is okay and here’s what everyone had to say: 92% said let ‘er rip and 8% said heck to the no. Clearly, peeing in your wetsuit is socially acceptable.

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