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What Are Wetsuits Used For?

   November 8th, 2017   Posted In: Articles  

What Are Wetsuits Used For?

Anytime I hit the cold water, I put my wetsuit on first. The suit provides an easy way to keep warm while also protecting my skin from the sun. I even wear it during water aerobics in the winter months, even though the class is indoors. Wetsuits aren’t just for SCUBA divers – they have several uses for different types of water sports.

Temperature Control

One of many uses of a wetsuit is temperature control. I wear one when I want to stay warm in cold water. If the temperature of the water stays above 72 degrees, I can just wear a rashguard. A springsuit also works just as well. When it dips below 63 degrees, a fullsuit is often needed. I even wear a fullsuit with wetsuit boots and sometimes gloves if it’s especially chilly and windy outside.

Water Sports

When people think, “what are wetsuits used for?” they often think of surfing or SCUBA diving. But, people who participate in a variety of water sports also use a wetsuit. Thinking about surfers – a few only head out in bathing suits that barely cover their bodies. But if there’s cold water and cold air surrounding them, a wetsuit is a must. A springsuit exposes some of the arms and legs and might be the best option for some, while others prefer wearing a fullsuit for full body coverage.


A triathlon competition features running, biking and swimming as the three events. Depending on where you’ll be swimming at and what the weather is like that day, a triathlon wetsuit can be utilized for the competition. You don’t have to strip down to a bathing suit to get into the water. The USA Triathlon allows suits when the water’s temperature falls below 78 degrees. One is not permitted when the water reaches 85 degrees.

A wetsuit will keep you warm whether you’re diving, surfing or participating in a variety water sports. And the great thing is that there are tons of wetsuits out there so you’ll be able to find just the suit and put it to good use! Check out our water temperature chart below for more help on finding the right wetsuit!

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