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What are Wetsuit Socks All About?

   December 21st, 2017   Posted In: Articles  

Keep Your Tootsies Warm with Wetsuit Socks

Wetsuit socks. What are they? What do they do? And, why do you care? In all honesty, these neoprene socks do more than just make getting in and out of wetsuit boots easier (trust us, we understand that struggle all too well), they also have a ton of other awesome features! Whether you’re a surfer, a diver, paddler or an open water swimmer, neoprene socks are a great layering piece for water sports – and they can even be worn alone.

Just like cold hands, cold feet can also put a damper on your next water sport adventure and no one has the time for that. So, starting with the basic question here, what are wetsuit socks and what do they do? Just like neoprene gloves or hoods are meant to protect your hands and head, these swim socks were designed to protect your feet from outer elements. Similar to regular socks, but the neoprene version of them, wetsuit socks are a great inexpensive layering piece (worn with or without wetsuit boots) that also insulate feet and wick away moisture.

As an added plus, neoprene socks such as the ones from WETSOX make sliding into and out of wetsuit boots as well as getting in and out of your wetsuit much easier. And for all you paddlers out there, socks provide extra splash protection!

And for the triathletes out there looking for something that will protect their feet but not affect their kick in the water, neoprene socks are a great option. Certain socks from brands like blueseventy and NeoSport were built just for triathlons and help to insulate from cool to cold water temps and they even make transitioning a bit smoother due to the textured sole. Just make sure you practice swimming in the socks before the big event!

Our top picks for tri-friendly wetsuit socks include the 5mm NeoSport XSPAN socks and the 2mm NeoSport Insulating socks.

We mentioned the brand WETSOX earlier and how they make life more convenient when it comes to getting in and out of boots, but here they are in action making the painful process of putting on your wetsuit less of a, well, pain.

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