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When Surfers Blind Taste Test Wetsuits

   November 22nd, 2017   Posted In: Articles   Tags:

The New HyperFlex VYRL Wetsuit Line is Making an Impression

When you think of HyperFlex wetsuits, you may think of the ACCESS line or the VooDoo line but they recently came out with a new VYRL wetsuit line featuring the latest and greatest in wetsuit technology. In fact, back in June we got to interview HyperFlex’s own Director of Marketing and Product Development, Nick Lassor where we got behind the scenes info on the VYRL wetsuit line. Needless to say, the VYRL suits have really taken off since their release this year and for good reason. HyperFlex always offers top notch suits at serious bargain prices and they continue to do just that with this latest line of wetsuits. As if we already didn’t know for the last 10 years just how awesome this brand is, they proved their point multiple times in different surf spots around the country. VYRL suits have literally gone viral with HyperFlex’s wetsuit challenge videos where surfers experience a blind wetsuit taste test. Literally every logo on the suit was removed and not only did surfers get to test the suit out in the water, they also had the fun of describing their experience and their final thoughts on what brand of suit they were wearing. Do us a favor and watch these videos (shout out to our East Coast peeps)! And let us know in the comments which wetsuit challenge was your favorite!



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