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Stormr Jacket Review: The STRYKR

   December 29th, 2016   Posted In: Reviews  

stormr jacket reviewTough conditions require even tougher gear, that’s why I choose to wear a Stormr STRYKR Neoprene Jacket while on the hunt for big water ducks. Rough conditions are the hallmark of waterfowl hunting; no matter the craft; spray from wave tops as well as snow, ice, and rain continuously pummel your body. Facing these conditions head on requires a tough outer garment that can stand up to the elements, keeping your core warm and dry.

It’s December, 4:30am on the coast of Maine; the temperature is a crisp 19 degrees F with a stiff Northwest wind at 15 knots, we find ourselves on an adventure in search of the Common Eider (Somateria Mollissima). We have an eight mile jaunt up the Maine coastline and it’s going to be a rough one. Prior to leaving the launch site the Stormr STRYKR jacket and a set of waterman’s gloves are donned. A great feature of the jacket is the inner neoprene cuff to tuck the back of the glove into. It keeps water from entering the sleeve by forming a “gasket” around your wrist.  If it’s raining hard or dumping salt water spray over the gunnel, it will keep you dry.

stormr jacketUpon exiting the harbor, we are greeted with wave heights of 2 – 3 feet which are causing a bit of wash and spray over the sides of the boat.  The waterproof nature of the soft neoprene keeps me dry and the windproof layer in the STRYKR jacket keeps my inner core from feeling the effects of the wind as we navigate the granite ledges and waves in front of us this day. The adjustable nature and securing means of the hood keep my head and neck area dry from the bombardment of the water and wind but preserves peripheral vision.

Upon arrival at our hunting grounds, the cut of the jacket provides an ease of mobility from the shoulders down to the wrists. Being made of neoprene, one would think it’d be stiff and uncomfortable, it is not. The joints in the garment are well thought out and the provided reliefs allow full unimpeded movement of the arms. With the decoys set and the sun rising, the birds begin to seek out our decoys and before long our quest for the Common Eider has been fulfilled. Once congratulations to the hunters and stowing of our gear is complete, we enter the turbulent water once again for the long steam back to port. The hunters face themselves rearward, turning their backs to the angry water while I peer straight ahead into the fun, relying on the STRYKR jacket to keep me protected from the elements until port is reached.

If your passion places you in cold, rough, challenging, and ever evolving environments the Stormr STRYKR jacket is the right piece of gear for you.

When not working as an Electrical Engineer, I’m in the field or on the water pursuing a passion for waterfowl hunting. Always by my side is Porter, our chocolate Labrador retriever who makes sure all birds taken are recovered. If not at work or waterfowl hunting, I can be found carving decoys or planted in front of my smoker making funky BBQ.

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