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Top 5 Stand Up Paddle Boarding Locations

   April 5th, 2019   Posted In: Articles   Tags:

Top 5 Stand Up Paddle Boarding Locations

Whether you are an advanced paddler or newly acquainted, these SUP locations are some of the most diverse and beautiful on Earth. Traveling to far off places is a breath of fresh air and having exciting, healthy activities to plan will enrich the whole vacation experience. Get out and find your own SUP oasis in the world.

Moab, Utah: Colorado River

Moab Utah is a desert paradise; millions of layers of sand have created a landscape like no other. The western slope of the Colorado Plateau in Southeast Utah is home to some of the most adventurous paddleboard locations one can find. This landscape is cut by the Colorado River and boasts some of the most beautiful paddling around. While the river is gentle in most sections around Moab, Utah, you will find some wild sections of the river that will force you to keep steady on your SUP.

The best time of year to visit are spring and Fall, but even it the coldest months you will find solace and the wonderful desert silence. In the summer you will find swimsuit weather, but in the spring when the runoff if a bit chilly, a wetsuit is highly recommended. Look somewhere in the 3mm to 4mm thickness, and if early enough, wetsuit booties would make your river run much more comfortable.

paddle boarding locations

SUP in Long Caye, Belize. Pic courtesy of slickrock.com.

McKenzie River: Eugene, Oregon

Cutting through lush Pacific/northwest forest, the McKenzie River is a place of life. With Douglas firs and ferns six feet tall, this landscape will have you feeling like you are an extra in Jurassic Park. Not known for its rapids, the McKenzie is a gentle float through beautiful terrain, not to mention the culture on the banks of the river. Be sure to stop at one of the many riverbanks and fraternize with the locals, they are quirky to say the least. This majestic river is runnable year round and with water temp in the low 50’s this time of year, a mid-level wetsuit will keep you at a contented temperature.

Coromandel State Park: Whangamata New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its striking peaks that rise 10,000 feet out of the ocean and have a rather unique ecosystem, with plants and wildlife that are only found on this beautiful island. Coromandel is a peninsula 2 hours southeast of Auckland and one of the best paddleboard locations in the area. With small beach towns and inland rainforest that epidermises the feel of New Zealand. Be sure to interact with the locals, they are a true fun-loving bunch of blokes.

Malaysia: Tanjung Resang Bay

If you are looking to have an eco-tour of wildlife one of the best paddle boarding locations, Tanjung Resang Bay is an exceptional place to paddle. Boasting the likes of sting rays, otters, dolphins and manatees, this SUP location will keep you entertained and possibly scared. If you can manage to get to Queen Cove into Gorek Bay at the proper time you will be able to paddle with the whales, which is a truly humbling experience. This is a place to paddle and watch the natural wonders of the world at work. Not to mention, incredibly humble culture and affordable accommodations.

Belize: Long Caye

Belize is a place to take your paddling to the net level. Once you get your sea legs on flatwater, it’s time to take to surf. And Belize is the place to do it. You will encounter manageable surf conditions and an experience with a place of immense beauty. Long Caye is a great place to learn SUP surfing and get a feel for the water on moderate yet engaging waves. I would highly recommend taking advantage of the cuisine after a long day of paddling. With influences from South America and Island traditions, you will have a happy and full belly after a day on the water.

Mike Bryant makes his home in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah with his dog Banjo. He is a freelance writer, climber, skier and bluegrass music lover.

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