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New Wetsuits for Fall – Our Top Picks

   October 18th, 2016   Posted In: News  

Our largest selection of wetsuits in the world just got bigger with new wetsuits for the cold water season! We’ve recently put together a series of blog posts showcasing all of the fall/winter 2016 new wetsuits from each brand but this post is going to be a little different. In this post, we’re listing our top 5 new wetsuits from the fall/winter season. Curious what they are? Read on!

Starting with the men, our top picks are the 6.5mm Men’s Patagonia R5 YULEX Fullsuit and the 4/3mm Men’s Quiksilver BASE Fullsuit. The prices of these new wetsuits range from the high end to the lower end and they cater to different needs. But they do have one thing in common: they’re packed with awesome features!

The 4/3mm Quiksilver BASE suit comes in at $104.95 and has all of your basic wetsuit features including standard neoprene with super stretch neoprene placed in the underarms and lower body as well as  flatlock seams for durability. Meanwhile, the 6.5mm Patagonia R5 YULEX Hooded suit costs $529. Pricey, we know, but totally worth it. It’s a neoprene-free (yep, we said neoprene-free) hooded fullsuit that’s super warm and durable with thermal and recycled polyester linings and sealed and taped seams.

Next in our top 5 new wetsuits lineup is the 4/3mm Kid’s & Junior’s Billabong ABSOLUTE COMP Fullsuit. We’d be lying if we said that the cool color way of this suit isn’t one of the main reasons why we chose this fullsuit. The fun colors, sealed seams, Hollow Yarn thermal lining in the chest and back panels, and the 100% super stretch AX2 SuperFlex neoprene all make this $159.95 comp wetsuit a must have for the kids and teens!

And we can’t forget about the ladies. The fall/winter ’16 new wetsuits lineup for women is off the charts this season so it was hard to choose just one to showcase. Because we’ve been talking about fullsuits in this post, we decided to feature the 2mm Women’s Billabong SALTY DAYZ L/S Springsuit. This $104.95 springsuit is one of our favorites because of its fun and flattering design and the fact that it’s 100% stretch and has a ¾ length front zipper for extra appeal and easy entry/exit. The flatlock seams and booty cut also make it totally worth it.

The final fall/winter pick goes to the 0.3mm XCEL INFINITI COMP Anti-Glove. You’re probably thinking, ‘what in the world is an anti-glove?’ Believe us; we weren’t sure at first either until we got these gloves in. Our minds were blown with how cool these gloves are. They’re only made with 0.3mm super stretch neoprene which makes them unlike any other glove on the market. They also feature welded seams and an outer slick skin for wind resistance and durability and come in at $49.95. For you water sports lovers who don’t enjoy wearing gloves but need some extra protection and warmth, these anti-gloves are just what you’ve been looking for!

Want to see all of the new wetsuits from the fall/winter ’16 season? Click on the logos below!


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