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How to Turtle Roll

   June 30th, 2021   Posted In: Articles, How-To   Tags:

Don’t let the white water push you back to the shore as a beginner surfer! Read on to learn how to Turtle Roll.

While you are learning how to surf, at one point or another, you will definitely have to face the whitewash coming towards you. Most expert surfers use a shortboard and leverage their skills by “ducking” under the water with their boards and allow the white water wave to slide over them. This is also known as the “duck dive.”

However, this technique isn’t possible when you are using a longboard. Longboards are heavier and bigger; hence they can’t be pushed under the water. That’s where the Turtle Roll technique comes in.

How to Turtle Roll

The “Turtle Roll” is an effective technique to withstand powerful white water waves. The Turtle Roll helps you stay in control of your board when the breaking white water waves approach. If you want to learn how to turtle roll, here are tips to stay in control while paddling out in white waters.

  1. Glide straight towards the oncoming wave. You can be thrown off your board if you tilt too much any which way.
  2. As the wave draws near, hold the surfboard rails a little above your shoulder. Let the nose point down slightly.
  3. Hold the rails firmly; you don’t want to lose your grip.
  4. Once the waves begin to approach you, take a deep breath and roll the board upside down with the fin side facing up. When the wave gets close, push up from the board and lean to one side. You can gain more leverage and momentum by slightly raising your torso.
  5. Hold the board closer to your chest; the less the water between you and your board, the easier the board is for you to hold.
  6. Stay flexible and relaxed once you are underwater. Do not tighten yourself or try to push the wave. Just hold the rails with your hands; no need to wrap your legs around the board.
  7. In turtle rolling, you may lose momentum. So as the wave passes over your board, propel yourself forward underwater by doing a frog kick.
  8. After the wave has passed, turn over the board. Kick the board with your legs, push the board with one hand and pull it to you with the other hand and get back on the board.
  9. Once you are on the board, you need to paddle hard to leave the wave’s impact area till the next Wave comes.

Visualize It

It can be helpful to watch a visual demonstration of a turtle roll. Check out this super informative video by Surf With Ruby on how to turtle roll!

Practice Makes Perfect

Like every other aspect of surfing, it’s best to practice this technique in calmer waters. Try to master the move before venturing to bigger white waters. Good luck paddling!

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