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How To Stop A Snorkel Mask From Leaking

   May 23rd, 2024   Posted In: Articles, How-To  

Snorkel masks are essential for snorkelers and divers. These masks help provide a comfortable and enjoyable underwater experience. In addition, the mask covers your nose and mouth and allows clear underwater vision. It also ensures that your eyes are not exposed to water. There is a breathing tube attached to the mask, which allows you to breathe through your mouth while your face is underwater. 

However, leaking is a common issue with snorkel masks. When water gets inside the mask, it can cause discomfort. In addition, you may find it difficult to breathe when your snorkel mask is leaking, and then you may need to figure out how to clear your snorkel. Unfortunately, this can ruin your underwater experience. In this post, we will explore some possible causes of leaky snorkel masks and how to stop a snorkel mask from leaking. 

Why Do People Wear Snorkel Masks?

A snorkel mask is a type of diving mask that is often used for activities such as snorkeling, diving, and underwater exploration. Here are some reasons why people wear snorkel masks:

  • It allows clear vision underwater.
  • It allows you to breathe easily through your mouth while underwater. 
  • It protects your eyes and faces from possible hazards while in the water. 
  • It helps with buoyancy control and allows you to easily clear water from the mask.
  • It provides a comfortable seal for your face and prevents water from leaking in and causing discomfort.
  • Some snorkel masks come with additional features, such as camera mounts or prescription lenses, for an improved water exploration, snorkeling, or diving experience.
why does my snorkel mask leak

Why Does My Snorkel Mask Leak? Common Reasons for Leaking Snorkel Mask 

Here are some common reasons why a snorkel mask might leak:

  • Improper Fit: If the mask is too small, it will create pressure points and gaps, which will allow water to seep in. Likewise, if the mask is too large, it won’t seal properly against your face.
  • Damaged or Worn-Out Skirt: The skirt is the soft silicone or rubber that forms the seal against your face. Over time, the skirt can become worn, cracked, or damaged, which may cause your snorkel mask to leak.
  • Hair or Debris: Stray hairs, sunscreen residue, or other debris caught between the skirt and your face can prevent a proper seal and cause leaks.
  • Incorrect Mask Positioning: If the mask is not correctly positioned on your face, it may not seal properly. This can happen if the mask is tilted or not centered accurately.
  • Improper Strap Adjustment: If the strap holding the mask in place is not properly adjusted to create a secure fit, it can cause gaps and leaks.
  • Defective Mask: A leak may also occur due to a manufacturing defect or design flaw in the mask.
  • Fogging: A fogged-up mask can make it difficult to achieve a proper seal. You may try to adjust the mask to get a clearer view, which can lead to possible leaks.

How to Stop Snorkel Mask from Leaking

Fortunately, there are several ways on how to stop a snorkel mask leaking. These include:

Ensure a Proper Fit

One of the main reasons why a snorkel mask leaks is an improper fit. A well-fitting mask should create a tight seal against your face without causing discomfort or leaving marks. To get the right fit for your snorkel mask, you can:

  • Try on different sizes until you find the right snorkel mask for your face shape.
  • Adjust the strap of your snorkel mask so that the mask sits comfortably on your face without creating gaps or pressure points.
  • Look for masks with a soft, flexible silicone skirt that can conform to the contours of your face for a better seal.

Check for Damage 

Over time, the silicone skirt on your mask can become worn or damaged, thereby causing leaks. Inspect the skirt for cracks, tears, or any visible damage. If you notice significant wear, you may need to replace the mask.

Clean the Mask

In addition, hair, sunscreen, or other debris can prevent the skirt from sealing properly against your skin. Any time you want to use the mask, you should clean the snorkel mask with mild soap and water. This will help remove any debris and ensure the skirt is free of particles.

Proper Mask Adjustment

Another way to stop a snorkel mask from leaking is by ensuring proper mask adjustment. You should:

  • Inhale through your nose while underwater to create a slight vacuum and allow the mask to seal against your face properly.
  • Exhale slowly through your nose to ensure that there is equal pressure inside the mask. This can also help prevent fogging.

Additionally, if you notice any leaks, you can gently push the mask against your face and adjust the strap until you achieve a comfortable seal without any leaks.

Use Mask Defog or Anti-Leak Solutions

Lastly, you can use a mask defog or anti-leak solution. These products create a thin, water-repellent film on the inside of the mask. This can prevent fogging and help create a better seal. However, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using these solutions. Also, rinse your mask thoroughly after each use.


A leaky snorkel mask can ruin your underwater experience. By following the tips outlined above, you can ensure a comfortable, leak-free experience when using your snorkel mask. Also, ensure that you inspect your mask regularly, clean it before every use, and adjust it properly. With a well-fitting mask that is properly maintained, you can enjoy your snorkeling, diving, or underwater experience without any leaks or discomfort.

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