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Fall 2016 Arrivals Series: Quiksilver

   October 14th, 2016   Posted In: News  

Fall 2016 New Arrivals: Quiksilver Wetsuits

The latest from Quiksilver includes lots of awesome wetsuits at great prices! Our fall/winter 2016 lineup offers boots, gloves, tops and of course, wetsuits.

For the guys, we’ll start with the latest in full wetsuits. The 6/5/4mm Quiksilver HLINE Performance Hooded Wetsuit is bound to be your next cold water suit while the 5/4/3mm Quiksilver Syncro+ LFS Fullsuit is a cold water suit at a great price. Speaking of price, we also have the 4/3mm Quiksilver BASE Fullsuit which comes in at a whopping $104.95 – talk about a bargain!

The 6/5/4mm HLINE Performance suit includes 100% superstretch FN Lite neoprene and a WarmFlight Thermal Lining for the ultimate fast drying and moisture wicking inner lining. Sealed & taped seams have an all-new Red Seal Seam for a super light and flexible sealed seam. The hood also adds extra warmth for those water temps that dip into the 38 – 40F range. This suit was built for performance (the name of this product gave that away!)

If you want warmth without breaking the bank, then check out the 5/4/3mm Quiksilver Syncro+ LFS. From the popular and loved Syncro line, this suit is made with 100% superstretch FN Lite neoprene and also includes WarmFlight Thermal Lining. The Red Seal Seam helps to also keep water out and warmth in. And it’s a great option for chest zip enthusiasts!

Then there’s the 4/3mm Quiksilver Base. We also offer the 5/4/3mm version. But if you want something for cool water temps at an unbeatable price, this 4/3mm suit is the one! This suit is made with standard neoprene allover. But the underarms feature superstretch neoprene which provides great range of motion. It’s a simple suit with flatlock seams and a back zip at a great price point!

We are also offering the 1mm Quiksilver Syncro NEW WAVE Jacket for those seeking a warm water top with a cool color way. At $69.95, this top is 100% superstretch and has durable flatlock seams that feel comfortable against the skin.

Next up, we’ve got LOTS of boots for the fall/winter season. Starting with the warmest boot, the 7mm Quiksilver HLINE Performance Round Toe Boot is made with 100% superstretch FN Lite neoprene and also features a WarmFlight Thermal Lining for serious warmth and fast drying properties. Sealed and taped seams and the Hydrolock ankle seal prevents cold water coming in. If you don’t want a 7mm thick boot, we also have the 5mm Quiksilver HLINE Performance Split Toe Boot which is similar to the 7mm pair but not as thick and features a split toe instead of round. Last in the Performance line is the 3mm Quiksilver HLINE Split Toe Boot. Again, just like the 7mm and 5mm in terms of technical features but this boot is great for split toe lovers and for warm water temps.

From the Syncro line, we’ve got the 3mm Quiksilver Syncro Split Toe Boot and the 2mm Quiksilver Syncro Reef Round Toe Boot. The 3mm split toe boot is made with Freemax neoprene and has sealed seams. They’re not as stretchy or high end as the Performance line of boots, but they come in at an affordable price and have the right amount of stretch and comfort. The 2mm Reef boot is also made with Freemax neoprene and flatlock seams and they’re great for warm water temps.

As far as gloves go, we have the 3mm Quiksilver Syncro+ LFS 5-Finger Gloves and the 2mm Quiksilver HLINE NeoGoo 5-Finger Gloves. The Syncro+ gloves are made with Freemax neoprene and feature LFS (liquid flex seal) sealed seams to really keep the water out. And the HLINE NeoGoo gloves are fully dipped in liquid neoprene for serious stretch and flexibility. They’re lightweight and the sealed seams (and the dipped liquid neoprene) work to keep water out.

And now onto the kid’s selection, which includes the 1mm Junior’s Quiksilver Syncro NEW WAVE Jacket and the 5mm Quiksilver HLINE Lite Split Toe Boot. The junior’s jacket is just like the men’s version but (obviously) in smaller sizes. And the HLINE boots are made with 100% superstretch FN Lite neoprene and have that WarmFlight Thermal Lining for more warmth and faster drying time. Sealed and taped seams and the Hydrolock ankle seal work together to keep cold water out and the pull tab makes for an easier entry and exit.

There you have it, the Quiksilver lineup for fall/winter 2016! Stay tuned for our final arrivals post which will feature the latest from Roxy. And to ease the stinging curiosity for our other fall/winter 2016 products, you might want to go here.

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