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Fall 2016 Arrivals Series: Billabong

   October 3rd, 2016   Posted In: News  

Billabong Wetsuits

Welcome to the first post of the fall 2016 new arrivals blog series! As you already know by now (hence the title), we’re featuring the latest arrivals from Billabong for the fall/winter season.

Billabong never ceases to amaze us each season with their selection of wetsuits, so we definitely want to touch on their awesome new brand lines, styles, and colors for the fall/winter. Starting off with the gents, Billabong has improved the Foil series with the new Absolute series.

The Absolute suits were created with function and performance in mind at a valuable price. They’re made with 100% Premium AX2 SuperFlex neoprene (a.k.a. SERIOUS stretch) and sealed seams with internal pressure bonded neo tape. You’ll see a purple fleece internally on the chest and back panels. That’s the Hollow Yarn thermal lining which is a quick drying and lightweight poly fleece which also helps to wick moisture away and add some warmth. Awesome, right?

The Billabong Absolute back zip fullsuits range from $129.95 to $159.95. At $129.95, the 2mm Billabong Short Sleeve Absolute Fullsuit is great for warmer water temps due to the sleeve length and thickness. The 3/2mm Absolute Full Wetsuit comes in at $149.95 and is perfect for warm water temps. Lastly, the 4/3mm Absolute Full Wetsuit is $159.95 and works for cool water temps!

We’ve also got to mention the line of Kid’s Absolute Comp Fullsuits. They’re just like the Absolute line, but with a chest zip!

Then there’s the Absolute X line. Similar to the Absolute series, the X wetsuits feature the same super stretchy neoprene and Hollow Yarn thermal lining, but the seams are sealed and externally liquid taped. This line of suits is better for cool water to cold water temps depending on the thickness as the external liquid taped seams allow less water to seep in.

The Absolute X chest zip suits range from $199.95 to $219.95. For $199.95, you get the 3/2mm Billabong Absolute X which is a bit warmer than the 3/2mm Absolute Fullsuit therefore it works well in cool to warm water temps. The 4/3mm Absolute X is just like the 3/2mm Absolute X, but it’s thicker for cold water temps. Then there’s the 5/4mm Billabong Absolute X Hooded Fullsuit which takes warmth and durability up a notch. This suit is perfect for those colder water temps and the hood helps to keep more warmth in!

Two other stand outs are the 3/2mm Furnace Comp Fullsuit and the 2mm Tri Bong Jacket. The Furnace Comp not only has a cool color way, it also has the Furnace Carbon lining for the ultimate in warmth and moisture wicking. It also has stitchless and sealed seams for more range of motion in the water. The 2mm Billabong Tri Bong Jacket is from the Revolution line and yes, it might have an awesome camo color, but want to know the coolest part? It’s reversible! It’s also super stretchy and durable, but did we mention that it’s reversible?!

Now, it’s time for the ladies. As usual, the Billabong Surf Capsule line doesn’t disappoint. The latest design is tropical meets denim (oh, and some glideskin) and the end result is fun, functional, and affordable. You basically get the idea from the images below:

Great for surfing, paddle boarding, or general water sports, these Billabong suits were made with 100% stretch neoprene for the ultimate in comfort and all Surf Capsule pieces feature flatlock seams which make these suits durable and great for warm water temps.

Honorable mentions go out to these two rash guards because who doesn’t want to up their water sport fashion game?

Now that you have a peek into the Billabong arrivals, feel free to check out our entire selection of fall 2016 new arrivals too! And stay tuned for our next post – we’re highlighting newbies from Rip Curl!

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