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Triathlon Wetsuit Rental

   October 4th, 2016   Posted In: How-To   Tags:

It’s Triathlon season, y’all! Perhaps you’re a first time Triathlete or you’re an experienced Triathlon finisher? Regardless, you’ve got options for a Triathlon Wetsuit Rental and we’ve got you covered!

Triathlon Wetsuit Rental: 

Triathlon Wetsuit RentalTriathlon Wetsuit Rentals are a really practical and convenient option for anyone! Maybe, as a newcomer, you’d like to rent a suit once or twice before you fully invest in a suit to call your own. Or, maybe the $50.00 rental fee sounds a lot better than investing a larger amount of money (depending on the suit). Either way, the rental process here at Wetsuit Wearhouse has been put into place to ensure an easy rental experience for anyone!

First Things First: 

Getting started, you should have your dimensions and measurements ready! Your chest measurement is the most important, with your waist measurement, height and weight to follow. Check out our blog post on How To Choose a Wetsuit Size if you need any additional help!

Next, know what you want: a John or a Full Triathlon wetsuit? Having these two options really helps to narrow it down, and don’t worry, the rental cost doesn’t vary if you rent a John or a Full. The biggest pro of a John, a sleeveless triathlon suit, is that there isn’t any shoulder restriction. The benefit of a fullsuit is the additional warmth provided for cooler water temperatures. Either way, once we receive your information, we’ll send you a wetsuit in your size and only in one of the most trusted Triathlon brands, like Neosport or blueseventy.

Perks of Triathlon Wetsuit Rental: 

Keep in mind that our rental period is two weeks long. That’s fourteen days to practice in your rental suit, (which we recommend doing), before your big race! This allows you to get acclimated to your transitions in the suit you’ll be competing in and eliminates any surprises on the big day. Also, this time frame allows for you to clean your suit and return it to us, dry and ready for us to prepare to send to the next renter!

Triathlon Wetsuit Rental

Photo by Brendon O’Hagan.

Things You Should Know:

Triathlon Suits are specific for Triathlons. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t the best idea to go surfing in a suit as delicate as these specific rentals. Considering the delicate material of these suits, fingernail tears happen all too often, but have no fear, we’ll repair these minor tears at no additional cost to you!

Preference vs Priority: 

You might find yourself wondering if wearing a Triathlon Wetsuit is a personal preference or a Triathlete’s priority. Keep in mind that if your race is Wetsuit Legal, competitors are permitted to wear suits when the water is 78 degrees or below. In addition to added warmth and comfort during your race, triathlon suits are equipped to aid you with buoyancy and mobility.

Our Customer Service Representatives are available by phone (866.906.7848), e-mail (service@wetsuitwearhouse.com) and live chat! Feel free to reach out to us anytime for questions, comments or concerns! We’re here to help!

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