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Henderson Thermoprene Pro Wetsuits

   November 22nd, 2017   Posted In: Articles   Tags:

thermoprene pro wetsuits

The Latest Line from Henderson: Thermoprene Pro Wetsuits

We had the opportunity to talk to Henderson’s very own Nick Lassor, the Director of Marketing & Product Development at Henderson Wetsuits to get the latest and greatest on Thermoprene Pro wetsuits – the newest SCUBA brand line from Henderson. Special shout out and thank you to Nick for doing this interview!

What’s the story behind Thermoprene Pro Wetsuits?

As the name implies, Thermoprene Pro wetsuits are professional level wetsuits that are designed to provide maximum warmth and comfort.  These suits keep you warmer longer, as the amount of seams in each suit have been minimized and each seam is double glued and blind stitched.  Even 3mm wetsuits, which other brands typically construct using flatlock seams, are completely glued and sewn assuring maximum warmth and long term durability.  Attention-grabbing new colors, contemporary graphics and classic styling will be certain to make you look great in and out of the water. Finishing touches like soft and comfortable aqua silk lining, ergonomic Duratex® knee pads and the proven self-sealing zipper closures all combine to complete the new Thermoprene Pro lineup.

The Thermoprene Line has been a staple for years – why the upgrade/change?

The Thermoprene wetsuit line is not going anywhere! It is still a staple line in our Henderson brand. The durability and pricing make this a great choice for beginners and rental programs. When we first launched the Thermoprene line over 10 year ago, the materials and construction used were state of the art. Like all industries, materials and construction evolve and it is no different in wetsuits.

Why would a diver want something from the Thermoprene Pro Line over the Thermoprene Line?

Significant improvements in comfort and flexibility will be one of the most noticeable enhancements found in the new Thermoprene PRO line.  Boasting a full 250% stretch; a significant improvement over the 180% stretch of the original Thermoprene material. The new materials “melts” in your hands and contours every curve of your body. Thermoprene PRO wetsuits feature new patterns which have been developed using fitting data from Henderson’s pattern library which contains over five decades of USA grading and patterning knowledge. It comes down to comfort. You can’t beat the range of motion and extended comfort you get in the Thermoprene Pro line.

Any new or unique cuts to the suits?

We have minimized the seams on these suits to reduce stress points and potential leaking over extended used of the suit.

What’s in store for the original Thermoprene Line then?

The Thermoprene line is great for beginners. Learning how to dive and buying all of the equipment needed is not cheap. Many people elect to rent much of the required equipment or start with “base” models. That’s where Thermoprene shines! It’s a super comfortable suit with 180% stretch while being very durable.

Most popular Thermoprene Pro piece(s) so far?

That depends on where you dive. Our 3mm, 5mm and 7mm back-zip jumpsuits are always the best sellers in any line. One unique item in our Thermoprene Pro line is our 8/7mm Semi Dry Hooded Jumpsuit. This suit is incredible comfortable for being an 8/7mm. The sealing system at the wrist, ankles and face make this semi-dry VERY dry!

Has there been a response from the dive community on these new suits?

The response has been overwhelmingly positive in regards to comfort, fit and overall performance. It’s quickly becoming one of our best-selling product lines.

Anything new on the horizon?

There are always new products on the horizon! Be on the lookout for a brand new line featuring our Aqualock System next fall.

The Thermoprene Pro line is a tad pricier but for good reason. The material is smooth like butter and these suits were built to last. We’re really digging this line from Henderson and the wetsuits are great options for all styles and kinds of divers.

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