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June, 2024

how do tides affect waves
  June 26th, 2024

How Do Tides Affect Waves & Surfing Conditions?

When it comes to surfing, the ocean's tides and waves play a crucial role in shaping the perfect conditions for a ride. And while the pull and...
how long do wetsuits lasat
  June 25th, 2024

How Long Do Wetsuits Last?

Maybe you just bought a wetsuit or are debating on buying one and want to know, how long should a wetsuit last? Just like the tide, wetsuits come and go. They can certainly be an investment,...
what is a dive slate
  June 11th, 2024

What Is A SCUBA Dive Slate & What Is It Used For?

Diving into the depths of the ocean (or any body of water) can be an undeniably awesome experience. However, one challenge divers often face is...